Outdoor living has been gaining increasing popularity, defining one of the prominent lifestyle trends in recent times. By integrating the outdoor spaces of a home with various indoor features, individuals can enjoy their leisure hours in a lavish manner. However, if you are installing a TV outside, TV protection Canberra would be necessary too.

This doesn’t mean that installing a TV on your porch is a bad idea. It would indeed help you enjoy watching the TV while relaxing outdoors or spending time with family or friends in your outdoor space. All you have to do is install a TV cover to ensure that your TV stays safe from damage. At Seal TV, we are one of the top manufacturers of TV enclosures.

How does an outdoor TV cover work

Quite essentially, the key purpose of an outdoor TV cover Canberra is to protect your TV from damage or theft. You may install an outdoor TV cover regardless of whether you mount your TV on the wall or place it on a stand. The outdoor TV enclosures consist of a sturdy casing that locks around the TV and protects it from:

  • Heat
  • Rain
  • Dust
  • Bugs and rodents
  • Theft
  • Arson
  • Vandalism

The TV enclosures act as an armor around the TV, encasing it from all sides. All you have to do is place the TV inside it and plug it in.

How exactly does the TV cover protect a TV from damage?

A good outdoor TV cover would offer comprehensive protection against various forms of damage. Some of the ways in which a TV cover can keep your TV safe are:

  • An all-weather-rated TV protection Canberra cover offers excellent ingression protection and keeps out water, bugs, and dirt.
  • The outdoor TV enclosures are pre-wired, with surge protection features to keep the television safe from power surges.
  • TV covers from TV enclosures Canberra can also ensure filtered airflow. This implies that while keeping out particles and pests, it would still ensure the supply of cool air.

Weatherproof TV vs. Outdoor TV cover: Which one is a better choice?

While setting up a TV outdoors, you primarily have two options. You may either install a weatherproof TV or buy a TV enclosure and plug in a regular TV inside it. While a waterproof TV Canberra might seem like a solution designed for the purpose, it is far better to use a TV cover instead. Here’s why:

Better protection

A regular TV inside an outdoor TV cover would be far safer from damage compared to a weatherproof TV Canberra as the latter offers limited protection. Weatherproofing a TV primarily protects it from the weather elements only. Unlike a good TV cover, it doesn’t offer much security from theft or vandalism.


The price difference between the two options is a major factor in favor of TV covers too. A waterproof TV Canberra can prove to be quite expensive, with prices starting at USD 4000. On the other hand, an enclosure for TV protection Canberra would be much cheaper. Hence, an outdoor TV cover is also a more cost-effective option compared to weatherproof TVs.

Ease of repairs

Like any other electronic appliance, televisions may often stop working properly. Now, a weatherproof TV Canberra would stay inside an integral casing. This makes it difficult to repair the damaged TV. However, if you are using an outdoor TV cover, you can simply detach and unload the TV from the enclosure and send it for repairs like any other regular TV.


Designed typically for outdoor use, a weatherproof TV Canberra usually consists of a relatively cheap TV inside a casing. Hence, the picture and audio quality can be low compared to regular TVs with better features. When you use outdoor TV enclosures, you can simply buy any TV of your choice and put it inside the casing.

Hence, an outdoor waterproof TV Canberra may look good on paper, but it comes with a number of drawbacks that you would want to avoid. Using an outdoor TV Cover would be far more convenient and safer, which makes it a better option.

What features should a good outdoor TV cover offer?

While purchasing TV enclosures Canberra, it is imperative to pay attention to its features. After all, the features vary from one product and brand to another. A different company may not be able to provide you with the exact products that Seal TV does. Some of the key features that a good outdoor TV cover must offer are:


It is crucial that you purchase an outdoor TV cover Canberra of the right size. In case your TV is bigger than the cover, it simply won’t fit inside. Leading brands like Seal TV offer TV enclosures in a wide range of dimensions. This would allow you to choose and buy exactly what you need for your TV.


Reflection of light falling on the screen is one of the biggest problems that you may face while watching TV outdoors. Hence, you might want to look for TV enclosures Canberra that come with anti-reflective screens.

Cooling system

An outdoor TV not only stays exposed to the hot weather conditions, but you also cannot air condition an outdoor space. It would make sense to use an outdoor TV Cover Canberra that comes with an advanced cooling system.

Our TV protection Canberra covers incorporate all these features, along with various other perks that make them perfect for the job.

What makes outdoor TV cover Canberra the best?

You might be wondering what makes our products differ from the other weatherproof TV cover brands in the region. Well, here are a few factors that make us one of the best:

  • Our products are compatible with TVs from almost every major brand.
  • We offer a wide range of products that you may pick from.
  • TV covers from Seal TV come with advanced features for better protection.

We can help you choose the right TV cover based on your needs. Simply call us at 1300 938 887 or visit our website to check out our products.