Television viewing time can be a source of inspiration, entertainment and togetherness, or it can be a prison that confines you to a small room with blank walls.It’s not about what we watch that sets up our experience, it’s how we watch it.Having an outdoor TV is a great way to create a powerful viewing experience and get outside the 4 walls of your home. It’s perfect for enhancing.
    • Home renovation/DIY shows
    • Gardening programmes
    • Music countdowns
    • Sports broadcasts
    • Having friends over for a movie screening or TV show catch up session
    • For annual events
    • Give the girls a fancy high-tea picnic for the Royal wedding, ring in the New Year, toast the Melbourne cup or host a Grand Final party
    • Day to day, give the kids space to dance while watching cartoons, wash the dog or do the gardening during the news.
The benefits are staggering and the world around your TV will seem bigger and more exciting than ever.The only other questions left are the price of an outdoor suitable TV unit and where exactly you are going to mount it.


When it comes to costs of purchasing an outdoor TV unit, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. You don’t have to buy one of the high-priced limited range weatherproof TVs on the market.You can install just about any flat screen indoor TV outside using a SealTV clear weatherproof casing.Designed and created for Australian conditions this casing allows you to make use of any additional TV unit you might already have laying around, or connected to a room in your house that you are not getting a lot of benefit from.Now that having an outdoor TV is useful and affordable, it’s time to think about where in your yard is the best place to set it up.


The first thing to consider when you are considering your outdoor TV placement is what space you want to get more use out of.You might already have an area dedicated to relaxing and gathering, like a patio, pool, deck, hot tub, BBQ area, fire pit or paved area with an outdoor lounge.All these areas are perfect for a TV setup because they are established places to gather, eat and be entertained. These areas also have beams and structures that give you great options for mounting an outdoor TV frame and you might already have great electrical connection options and protection from the sun and wind.You want your viewing time to be as comfortable as possible year round, so think of places where some shelter is provided for yourself, family and friends.The second thing you need to consider is the connection. This may take some careful consideration and possibly even work by a qualified technician to prepare for so consider the location, timeframes and costs carefully before you proceed.Your TV will need access to a power source as well as a network connection. Both connections need to be reliable and safe. It is worth the time and effort it takes to ensure all your cabling is out of the way of traffic (including the mower and edger), UV protected and your outlets are weatherproof and ground-fault current interrupting (GFCI).If you are installing around a fire pit ensure the cabling you use can handle the heat, the same goes for the pool house or pool wall mounts; everything outside the case needs to 100% waterproof and tamper-proof so it can’t be knocked free through accidents or little fingers.


You will need some shade if you can. Not just so your guests don’t get burnt to a crisp in the blistering Australian sun, but also to improve the quality of the viewing by reducing glare. If you are using an existing patio or veranda then you can use the roof or eave as natural glare protection.If your perfect location doesn’t have shade, point your screen to the South to help reduce the impact of the sun on the screen and viewers faces.Finally, make sure your TV mount is just as weatherproof and durable as your TV case.SealTV cases come with high quality, weatherproof and load appropriate mounts. See the options With everything covered and considered all that remains is to get busy expanding your viewing experience and to put up your feet and enjoy.