With every possible spare space dedicated to advertising, both with street signage and online banners and clicks, you might be wondering how you can make a big statement and get your local business noticed. Especially if you don’t have a big street presence or a massive advertising budget.

The answer is using outdoor TV advertising to broadcast your message or showcase your sponsors or business partners.

When I say outdoor TV advertising, I don’t mean the overpriced 30-second slot you can buy on late night television, I mean having your own TV, mounted street side to your business that displays the advertising or information you want, the way you want, any time you please.

Moving images grab people’s attention and the ability to have scrolling or changing information screens gives people access to more information than a static poster or billboard.

Mount a TV outside your business door to display your prices and services, show video testimonials or run a promotional film of your business at work. Modify your message to display the daily specials, features or highlights, or just point out your welcoming entrance and get people to notice that you exist.

The best part is, it’s easy to do and costs a fraction of what you might expect. You can save even more if you already have a flat screen TV sitting around ready to go.

How outdoor TV advertising works.

SealTV specialise in making your indoor TV weatherproof, shock proof, fireproof and tamperproof with our amazing clear and stylish enclosure. The casing comes in a range of sizes and is roomy enough to include mini speakers and amp if you like.

When your TV is weather protected it can be safely installed outside, to engage and attract customers with bright colours, high definition and eye catching motion. You can take it one step further with music or narration as well.

Cooling fans are available for TVs that will be running constantly, providing a safe temperature even if you use your screen 24/7. The cases themselves are temperature resistant and able to withstand extreme heat and cold so even if you run a business in a location that experiences a range of weather zones, you can be sure your TV is secure.

Other places you can mount a SealTV enclosure are in your businesses open garden areas. Perfect for beer gardens, plant nurseries, cafes, restaurants with alfresco dining, play gyms, car wash areas or even travelling vendors who have carts or stalls at events, shopping malls or markets.

So what advantages does outdoor TV advertising have?

  1. Gain attention.

Get more brand awareness in a user friendly and engaging way.

Motion and video images have a strong visual impact. They are able to catch and maintain the attention of passers-by who might normally breeze past your business.

  1. Flexibility and Control.

Unlike paid billboards and advertising space where the image or message you pay to display is locked in for the duration, your own TV is 100% yours to modify as you see fit. Of course you need to be sure that you stick within the legal boundaries for public display of materials and be aware of your wider audience (like small children). You can choose to have a different message morning and night, or make changes as you need to. That means you can change advertising based on the weather, or your daily menu, or the training you have on that hour.

  1. Targeted messages.

The message that you run can be as long or short as you like and fully customised to best highlight your business, no matter what your business is. Show mouth-watering photos of your menu dishes or a video of your chefs at work in the modern, clean kitchen. Target your message to the audience you want to attract by bringing your own flare through humour, style, natural ambiance, relaxation, fashion trends or displaying your vast range. It’s your chance to engage with your preferred client directly through creativity and thoughtful message building.

  1. Something old, something new.

TVs are familiar. We know them and trust them as units for information and entertainment that sit comfortably in our own homes. The familiarity of a TV, displaying bright colours and information set in a strange location, (like an ally or a beside a window) is new and captivating. The blend of the familiar and strange has a strong impact and creates awareness and interest.

  1. Made of money.

Having a flat screen TV outside gives you the look of a high roller, like the really big companies with millions of dollars to spend on digital advertising. They are the ones who buy the digital panels at bus stops and train stations and have towering LED billboards that show models using their products. Get off paper and into the digital world in a way that looks sleek and stylish and high end, without the fancy price tag. This affordable advertising space looks like a solid investment in your company and your audience.

Take another look at the options to display your message and brand by TV and see how powerful this method can be for your business, or as a way to acknowledge sponsors and business partners.