Of course you have seen digital signage at work in supermarkets, airports and shopping centres but it might not have occurred to you that this technology is simple and easy to bring into your own business workplace with powerful results.

Not only can you easily and cost-effectively install a digital screen, the rewards for doing so are tenfold. All you need to begin is a flat-screen TV and an IP rated enclosure. From there you are free to display what you want and need to obtain the highest on-site exposure results for your business.

How an IP rated case works

An IP rated television case is a tested measure for high-quality performance. In order to receive an IP rating the materials used for the television casing as well as the design and manufacturing will deliver certain results. What that means for your TV inside the case is that it will be shockproof, tamperproof and fireproof. It will lock out bugs, moister and be effective in both extreme heat and cold.

A secure and proven casing gives you the confidence to display your message in any area, including public areas like foyers, waiting rooms and lobbies, as well as outdoor spaces like alfresco dining, footpaths, garden areas and rooftop spaces.

Who can use Digital Signage?

If you can operate a TV you can get your own digital campaign up and running in less than a day. Having such familiar and simple to use technology means any of your staff can be in charge of operating your screen or screens, to change content through the day or make adjustments as required depending on service needs or current events.

What are the benefits for using digital signage?

With digital signage being so affordable and obtainable it’s time to look at the many benefits your business can expect when a digital screen is in play.

    1. Boost your marketing reach and potential.

When you have a screen ready to display any content imaginable, you’ll want to come up with some great new information to share. Having a digital display screen is an inspiring way to encourage new and improved marketing material that is modern, eye-catching and relevant to your audience. It will push the boundaries of what you display and how you present your business.

    2. Increase communication ability.

Different people respond to different styles of communication. When you have a digital message your ability to communicate extends to those who love visual information in the form of graphics, those who tune into audio information through sound, spoken instructions or music, those who prefer to read as well as those who like motion and engagement.

    3. Varity is the key.

You can further increase communication and engagement by broadcasting a variety of different media. Using presenter videos, movies, photos, power point presentations, graphics and charts, maps and instructions to name a few, you can communicate in a variety of ways in the space of a few minutes.

    4. Layer your media.

Stack your media types to display them one after another, side-by-side or imbedded within so you can compound your message and effectively reiterate your intentions.

    5. Solve common issues quickly.

Improve traffic flow and ease the burden on reception staff by displaying answers and information to frequently asked questions, including directions to offices and meeting rooms and display boards for which staff are currently available.

    6. Highlight something new.

Easily and quickly promote new products, special offers and benefits.

    7. Save on paper and reduce waste.

Reduce your environmental impact as well as save money and time when you use digital signage to replace printed posters and handouts.

    8. Timed Information.

Target what messages are shown at what times to deliver information that is relevant to different people at different times of day.

    9. Strengthen your brand.

Build and maintain a sense of community and brand awareness with unified communications across multiple offices or over a large floor space using multiple screens.

    10. Hit refresh.

Switch it up with a new message or refresh your information whenever you like. Delete old data or add in additional information as soon as it becomes available to you, like that great customer testimonial that just hit your inbox.

    11. Enhance the mood.

Create ambience and atmosphere with mood setting images, sounds or information.

    12. Entertain to distract.

Reduce the perceived waiting time in lobbies and waiting rooms by providing entertainment, education or information that distracts those waiting with stimulating material.

    13. Wow factor.

Attract more attention with bright, modern screens that are eye catching, even if your message is a simple one.

    14. Reach out locally.

Deliver breaking news, broadcast alerts or share announcements in real time.

    15. Reach out globally.

Connect online to display global breaking news stories, weather alerts or updates as well as stock market information, interviews etc.

    16. Keep everyone informed.

Display a schedule of events so everyone knows what’s on, when and where. This can be connected to directions to the correct meeting room, venue or staff member.

    17. Build your team.

Show graphs and charts that display distance to goal to engage staff and help improve productivity and increase morale.

See the benefits yourself and push your business to achieve better results through high-class communication.