SealTV are a professional Australian company who enable DIY installation of regular flat screen TVs in your outdoor area. Outdoor TVs are perfect for businesses like pubs and restaurants who use the SealTV high durability, clear casing to fully protect the LCD TV from anything the weather (or patrons) can throw at them.The SealTV cases cost a fraction of the cost of buying a weather purpose TV and people usually find they already have a spare flat screen just laying around anyway, so the savings are fantastic.It works for any outdoor area, even regular backyards with almost any flat screen TV.Watching TV outdoors is rewarding, especially if you have some friends over. With an outdoor entertainment area you create a unique and fun party atmosphere. Even day-to-day you can watch TV while you’re out in the garden, playing with the kids, or just kicking back and relaxing after a hard day.With a SealTV enclosure, anyone can get their very own outdoor TV and enjoy entertainment on a whole new level.There are a few things to consider before you lock in your decision though, so here are some helpful hints on the things you might not think of until the last minute. Planning ahead can help get you prepped and ready for a smooth installation and better viewing.


It might be tempting just to have a cabinet or TV box installed under your patio and put your indoor TV there, if you do this it’s actually not going to last very long. Most people consider rain as a damaging factor for electronic equipment, and while extreme amounts of moisture, like spills, rain and sprinklers will ruin your TV almost instantly, small amounts of water will do damage as well, just at a slower rate. Condensation due to changing outdoor temperatures, overnight dew or frost will all leave a wet residue on your screen that will seep into circuits and corrode fragile components.Dust will also get into your entire unit and clog airways and connections.Another issue you will need to factor in is insects and bugs who will happily make a home for their entire family in the warm confines of your TV.That’s why you need to be sure your TV has a high rating for outdoor protection. An outdoor protection rating is measured in IP. If your TV or TV casing does not have an IP rating then your TV is not protected from the outdoor elements.IP ratings include protection from:
    •Air moister
    •Extreme temperatures (both high and low)
Overall your TV will be secure and have a longer running time with better picture quality than if left unprotected in the elements.Different IP ratings offer different protection against tampering, dust and waterproofing, so be sure to get the right IP protection for your TV placement needs.


Make sure your TV is large enough to be viewed from a distance. SealTV always recommends that you use your spare TV as your outdoor TV, rather than your newest one. Make sure the TV screen will be great viewing for your intended position, distance and number of anticipated guests. You might be disappointed if the end result is small screen you need to be sitting right under to see well.Make up a paper template of your screen and stick it up on the wall to see how it looks before you drag your heavy TV around looking for the perfect spot.


While your IP rated SealTV case does have glare protection you do want to mount your TV under a roof or eave to get some shade on the screen for better picture quality. If that is not an option, face your TV screen to the south. You can also look at purchasing a High Brightness Panel from your TV manufacturer to boost contrast and picture quality.


SealTV IP65 rated cases come with a high-quality weather sturdy mount (or you can upgrade to a swivel mount for more flexibility and viewing options). Make sure this is the only mount you use to fully protect from the elements and know with certainty that the mount you install can handle the TV weight.SealTV can also provide a high-quality mini amplifier that fits inside the TV case along with your TV and will connect to fully weatherproof speakers for outstanding sound.


If you do not already have an outdoor electrical power source you will need to get one installed by a licenced electrician.Make sure all your power outlets are secure and weatherproof as well as your cabling covers and connections.A little forward planning can make all the difference come installation day so you are ready to watch your TV in your backyard in the fastest, safest and most economical way possible. TV watching just got very classy and very do-able.