When you use a SealTV protective case to weatherproof your indoor TV you have the best outdoor TV possible, and installing your TV outside becomes flexible, affordable and super easy.

The Seal TV clear jackets are dustproof, sprinkler proof, bug proof, temperature controlled, rain, frost and hail proof and they are super stylish.

Did we mention they are also fireproof, glare resistant and protect from theft and tampering? Everything that could possibly go wrong has been covered and checked so that wherever you choose to install your refitted TV outdoors, the SealTV casing will make sure it’s safe, secure and living to it’s fullest entertainment potential.

Now that having a TV in your backyard is possible, you are probably starting to think about all the awesome ways you can transform your backyard space into an entertainment paradise.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

We’ve done some hunting for you and have supplied (for your viewing pleasure) 12 of the best outdoor TV ideas around. Use this as your inspiration springboard to wrap your TV and entertainment up in one watertight little bundle.

Number 1. WATER PARK

We start with a bang; your very own theme park. If you are someone who enjoys slides and insane amounts of fun you will probably save money by building a resort at home. It’s got to be cheaper than theme park tickets or the prices of their adjoining hotels. Our only modification here would be to turn the spa pool around so that you can also view the TV while floating in the big pool or shooting down the waterslide.


A giant two level hot tub, for those times you have too many people to fit into a regular sized hot tub. This is an entertainment paradise. Pools of bubbling jet streams, TV, DVD and speaker system, all combined with a walk-up bar, or is that a swim up bar. You will just need to make sure you have split level landscaping to get your step in and step out heights aligned.


The secret to making a great entertainment space is to create a conversation. That means all your furniture needs to be facing each other, which is why this open air recess really works. Which is the only reason why we can forgive the line of seats against the TV area. In all seriousness, an entertainment area needs to be flexible. It should be designed to suit a wide range of situations and events. For Australian summer you can consider growing some grape vines (ornamental or fruit bearing, or wisteria over the framework to add some shade, decoration and colour).

This one works a charm for diversity, comfort and elegance. Just remember to bring your cushions in when it rains.


When Australia was first colonised people rushed to build monuments of themselves to stand the test of time. Proof that they were here! If you find this appealing then you will love this monument style outdoor TV stand. If you believe your TV viewing should be a grand and important occasion then this will make the statement you desire. It’s a great option if your yard is small or not much to look at. It can also help disguise your neighbours fence and can be a great place to store your hose reel. Nothing fancy is required just a well formed set of bricks and paving stones and you have a garden feature that commands reverence.


If you love cooking with garlic then an outdoor kitchen is essential. This however, is an entertainers paradise. Usually when you invite people around there is a lot of cooking involved, on your part. The last place you want to be is stuck in a hot kitchen, away from the action or in an out between the fridge and the barbie so you only hear the start of the joke, never the punch line. Here you can have all your goodies in one place. Your BBQ, your cold drinks, your seasoning and sides, your garlic bread, your guests and your TV. Now you can cook up a storm to impress your nearest and dearest, be part of every conversation and not miss a wicket.


A sunken lounge room has a certain flare to it that only a few can successfully pull off. When you apply the theory of a sunken lounge to your garden though…you get nothing but magic. This is for those who are looking for that touch of sophistication and style. It works especially well if you have a green thumb and want to show off your garden’s ambiance, you are literally getting people to sit in your garden. If you have kids (or you are young at heart) some beanbags nestled in would go down a treat as well. A great place for a glass of wine and some canapés, or maybe some martinis and a James Bond marathon.


If you love grand Mediterranean art and sculpture then you have to get yourself a TV pavilion with white pillars. Towering and graceful these structures are timeless and grand beyond measure. While we think the fireplace is an extra expense and distraction for this poolside TV temple, we do suggest some flickering flames at the base of the front pillar for effect. Our suggestion is a fifth pillar in the centre to mount the TV, it means more space for your guests and a better TV height for watching from anywhere in the pool.


We like this one because you can use the structure you already have and just mount your TV (safe in it’s enclosure) on an existing wall or beam. This one is highly recommended if you have kids. It’s their little space to chill out and watch what they want and be as noisy as they like while you can entertain your guests closer to the main house. As your kids grow into teenagers it’s also a place they can call their own and take responsibility for. The one pictures is great because it has no frills. It’s great for any kind of weather and maintains a peaceful kind of tranquility.


Not every home has a giant yard. That doesn’t mean you can’t entertain, it just means you need to be smart about the space you have. If all you get when you step out the door is a little run off area with high walls, embrace the intimacy and create a second sitting room. Choose furniture that creates space, rather an dominates and make sure you remind people that you are outdoors by keeping the garden theme front and centre.

Number 10. OUTDOOR BAR

Building a bar in your backyard is probably the easiest and best entertainment decision you will ever make. Bars can look like anything and be built out of anything. It just depends on what you can get your hands on, as well as your personal taste.

Transform a little garden shed or caravan into a bar with a folding window/bench. Make use of an empty shipping container or nail a few bits of wood together from the scraps your find at the recycling depot. It really is a game for every fellow. Use it to entertain guests, host a party or just as your very own man cave.


Nothing stands the test of time like a fireplace. We know that because we see them dotted around the countryside in barren paddocks, long after the house they were built to warm has vanished. There is something classic, inspiring and heartfelt about a fireplace. Maybe because it’s the traditional place to gather and plan, reminisce and toast things, like bread and marshmallows. If you have a deep garden then this one is for you. It’s a tucked away gazebo that seems to come from another world, even if you built it yourself last fortnight. If you happen to have a left over fireplace on your property that this is the best way to showcase it. It’s a great way to enjoy your outdoor TV any time of the year and will work wonders for entertaining any kind of guest, be it your in-laws, your boss or your kids birthday party.


This is another one you can build into your home’s existing features. Simply by turning one corner of your veranda or deck into a TV area, you open up the entire place for group outdoor entertainment. If you don’t already have a fireplace as part of your house beam I wouldn’t build one, at least, not until you check for exhaust and fire hazards from a qualified professional. You can easily open up one corner by putting in an additional beam (ornamental) and hanging your weatherproof TV between them or by building a small false wall that can double as a feature or a hanging garden.