Creating a safe and nurturing space for special needs children requires careful consideration of their surroundings, especially with electronics like televisions. TVs are not just for entertainment and learning; they’re also a significant investment for carers. However, in settings where special needs children might unintentionally harm these pricey devices, safeguarding them becomes essential. This is where specialised TV enclosures offer a robust solution for TV protection in any special needs environment.

The Importance of Protection

Children with special needs may sometimes exhibit violent behaviours due to various reasons such as frustration or sensory overload, risking damage to electronic devices. The likelihood of physical damage to televisions in such environments is high, and the costs of constantly replacing or repairing them can be daunting for carers. SealTV have created a series of TV enclosures that are designed to shield your TV from impacts, ensuring they stay safe and functional.

How our specialised TV Enclosures Work

These enclosures are built with durability and safety in mind, providing a protective barrier. Made from high-strength steel and impact resistant screens that can withstand impacts, they’re securely mounted to prevent the TV from being pulled down or knocked over. Their lockable designs not only protect the television from damage but also safeguard children by keeping electrical parts out of reach.

Financial Benefits and the NDIS

For carers of special needs children, the financial burden of replacing or repairing TVs can be significant. Investing in a a Impact Series TV enclosure can save thousands of dollars in the long run. Additionally, for those involved with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), it’s worthwhile to check your coverage level to enquire if these enclosure costs can be reimbursed by your plan manager. The NDIS provides support for Australians with disability, focusing on creating a safe living environment. If a TV enclosure contributes to the wellbeing and safety of someone under the scheme, funding assistance might be available.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right specialised TV enclosure involves considering the TV size, the level of protection needed, and installation ease. Many providers offer customisable options to fit various TV models and sizes, ensuring your device is protected while remaining fully functional and accessible.


Maintaining a safe and engaging environment for special needs children includes protecting valuable equipment like televisions. Specialised TV enclosures are an effective way to safeguard these devices from accidental damage, helping carers save on replacement costs. By incorporating these protective measures, carers can ensure a safer environment for special needs children while securing their investments. If you’re navigating the NDIS or looking to improve the living space for someone with special needs, consider the benefits of investing in a SealTV Impact Series TV enclosure. It’s a smart move that can add value and peace of mind to your caregiving experience.