Finally we are heading into summer. If you have a backyard pool you might be regretting a few things, like that it needs a lot of cleaning before anyone can get in it, or that it probably didn’t get enough use last season. Let’s change that.Firstly we’ll get you motivated to get the pool crystal clear and secondly we’ll get more use out of it more often, all by adding some fun poolside accessories that will have you ready and willing to dive right in.The way to make a pool earn its keep it to create multiple layers of entertainment, make them and put them on show. That way you are appealing to different people; your kids, your mates, your wife and her friends, maybe even grandma. People need a bit of inspiration to get wet sometimes and once you provide some visual cues they’ll be more than happy to bring a side dish, BBQ tray or six pack along.Entertainment levels you can add to your poolside, and double down on since these accessories are fully interchangeable.
  • Lounge
  • Bar
  • Tapas
  • Cocktails
  • Beach

Poolside Lounge

 A real lounge needs a TV, fortunately SealTV IP rated outdoor TV enclosures come to the rescue here. You can turn just about any flat screen TV into a safe and protected outdoor unit that you can install yourself. Outdoor mounting brackets are included.Once your TV is locked and loaded you’ll need to add some sun loungers (go for UV protected materials which will last longer), an ice bucket or two or maybe some beanbags or inflatables to watch your team play from the middle of the pool rather than the sidelines. 

Poolside Bar

 Any nook or outdoor table will do but this effect works better if you have a shed or poolside gazebo with a bar top window. If possible go for a spot with a secure powerpoint so you can plug in a small fridge or travel esky. Wherever you are, have a place to neatly stash all your required tools; bottle opener, stubby holders, bar mats and bar towels when you aren’t using them.That ice bucket from the pool lounge will come in handy too or better still, get some floating drink holders, either for individual cans or bottles or an inflatable ice bucket or drinks cooler. 

Poolside Tapas

 If you are not getting enough use out of your pool, chances are you’re not getting enough use out of your BBQ either. Lucky share plates are really fashionable and easy to do, it’s a matter of choosing the right sauces and marinades and if you get stuck for ideas, grated parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar goes will on anything, especially fries.Basic rules are, throw anything you can think of on your outdoor grill especially vegetables, like mushrooms, eggplant and capsicum. Open a jar of mixed olives and some premade dips and let the meat do the talking, chicken wings, pork ribs, lamb cutlets and slices of chorizo sausage. Add a cut focaccia and a jug of homemade sangria and you are ready to chill in style. 

Poolside Cocktails

 The tools you need for this bar setup are far more sophisticated than the standard beer variety, but also much cooler. Think cocktail shaker, muddler, juice strainer, ice cube tongs, lemon/lime/bitters syrup, bottle stoppers and don’t forget those fancy little umbrellas or glazed cherries on toothpicks. Don’t be shy about putting your coldies next to your fancy cocktail glasses, they’ll look sharp together. Having everything laid out before your guests arrive is not only impressive but you’ll make drinks faster too. 

Poolside Beach

 Sand is going to get messy so avoid that and get everything else, that includes beach umbrellas, fluffy beach towels, roundies (round cotton beach towel alternatives), inflatable beach balls and a station for sunscreen. When you add your beach gear to your lounge items and get moving on the bar and tapas station no one will be able to resist the urge to enjoy summer to the fullest. Watch the game, have a snooze and chill all summer long.