To have the perfect outdoor entertainment area you do need to have a well-positioned outdoor TV.

It’s like an extra rumpus room, with grass, and a BBQ. The kids can watch movies, or enjoy playing in the garden while you watch your favourite sport or treat your partner to a sitcom and glass of wine at twilight. It’s a great way to get more use and enjoy your outdoor space together.

It’s also a perfect way to wow friends when you gather for a BBQ or special occasion.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on an outdoor television set, especially when the range and styles available for outdoor TVs are limited.

Instead, you can use a SealTV enclosure for your indoor TV to make it suitable for watching outside.

It is really important that you get your indoor TV fully protected from the elements before you move it outdoors.

A SealTV enclosure is a fraction of the cost of an outdoor TV. The range of case sizes allows you to make use of just about any flat screen TV you already own or even have some space aside for when you want to upgrade, just reuse the casing! That means you can choose the size, brand and quality definition you want. You also have room to add a mini speaker and amp system to enhance your sound quality.

What Does a SealTV Enclosure Do to Protect Your TV?

A SealTV enclosure is completely airtight and securely sealed from all weather, including rain, sprinklers, dust, dirt, insects and scratches.

It has antiglare technology and is temperature controlled with an airflow system that makes it safe to use in extreme heat and cold.

It is fireproof and theft/tamper proof.

If your television is not weatherproof you are in for all kinds of trouble.

Any kind of moisture will destroy an unprotected indoor TV which means it must be completely elevated from sprinklers and any splashes from hoses as well as well away from the poolside.

Even if you store your indoor TV outside in a cabinet it is still not protected from condensation caused by night chills, frost and dew. Prolonged exposure to outside conditions corrode not only the external TV components and affect the viewing quality, but also eat away inside at the wires and circuits causing your TV to short out and burn up.

Corroded and frayed components can cause a fire and smoke hazard or short-circuit your home’s power supply. Damages that are caused by faulty equipment, especially when equipment is used in a way other than its design (like an indoor TV being placed outside) your insurer will most likely not cover the bill. Any connected electrical items that were fried in a power surge will need to be replaced as well as any repairs caused by fire or smoke fumes.

It is essential that you protect your family and home contents by using your TV in the right way. If you do want to use a flat screen TV for your outdoor entertainment, then make sure it is fully able to cope with the outdoor conditions.

Store your remote inside, use your phone as a remote or buy a weatherproof universal remote to complete your entertainment set.

Talk to the friendly team at SealTV about your outdoor entertainment plans and let them help you create a safe, functional and state of the art space for you to enjoy to the max.