If you are like most Aussies, you have a spare TV lying around at your place.

The reason so many Australians have multiple TVs is because bigger, better and more hi-tech screens are being launched every few months. That means old models are pushed out cheap, new models can be snared at a staggeringly low price at big sales, then there is interest-free options, competition winners, and giveaways when you sign up to buy something.

Extra TVs are notoriously hard to get rid of. Your neighbours already have three, Goodwill can’t move them and might not even accept them due to health and safety policy, and leaving them out on the curb is actually illegal rubbish dumping.

So people are getting pretty creative when it comes to putting those extra TVs to good use. Give one to your kids, so you don’t have channel wars, put one in the bedroom for late night binging, set up a man cave in the shed, mount a screen inside in the kitchen bench, maybe even have one in the loo.

Most of these have been tried and tested for the last decade and are not only standard in every home but also a little useless. There is a new option, and that’s mounting your extra TV outside. It’s not only useful, it’s bound to open up your outdoor area to more use and get you hosting some memorable get-togethers.

While new TVs are on the market in an overwhelming range of brands, sizes, frames and even curvature, one place where there is still a big gap in the market is in stylish and affordable outdoor purpose TVs. Which is where the guys at SealTV got clever.

Why buy an overpriced, limited range purpose-built outdoor TV when you already have five perfectly great flat screens at home, right? So they designed and built an outdoor IP rated tamperproof clear casing, which you can put just about any flat screen in and mount in your yard.

Backyards are becoming huge assets in their own right and having a deck or landscaped garden is getting to be almost compulsory. It makes sense really, with the great Australian weather we really can be making more use of those blazing blue skies. Plus getting some fresh air never hurt anyone and having a gathering of people outside is more fun and less mess.

Our Top Outdoor TV Mounting Ideas

If you already have an outdoor entertainment space then definitely use it. It’s already set up to cater to guests, will most likely have an existing power source, and is a great option for mounting a TV. This will be the first place to look when mounting your TV outside.


If you have a solid wall or existing fence, that’s a great place to start. Like hanging a painting on a blank wall inside the house, hanging a TV on a blank wall outside instantly creates visual appeal and gets the space working.

You need to be sure everyone who gathers in your entertainment area can see the TV clearly, so get an idea of seating arrangements to get the perfect height and best position on the wall.


If the wall is not in the best location or there is nothing handy close by look to structural posts, poles and beams. This is great because you can put your TV just about anywhere and at any height. If you do not have a post you can use already think about getting one installed- in the exact right place for your TV viewing. Make sure you bore deep and concrete it in for added strength, remember, your TV is heavy and will be subject to wind gusts. Your structure can be as extravagant as you like depending on your yards look and feel. Maybe an Eiffel tower, a mini windmill or a three-point frame you can train a plant over, or whatever takes your fancy. It doesn’t need to be big or expensive to make a great impression.


Not everyone is lucky enough to have an existing solid feature in their garden. If you do have one already it’s a great option for mounting your TV. A brick fireplace, a rock wall by the pool, a stone BBQ hut, a mini amphitheatre or a stone monument (like the ones you see off the highways marking some moment in Australian history), these can all handle the extra attention a TV will bring without cramping the style.

Again, if you don’t have a solid structure but you have always wanted one now is the time to get moving and make it happen. Not only will your yard have an outstanding stonework feature, but also an excellent TV stand.


The ceiling-mounted option is the one you have most likely seen in public bars and dining areas. That’s because more people can see the TV at once when it is mounted high up, so it’s great for crowds. It can be a pain in the neck (literally) so make sure you are going to be hosting screenings for large numbers of people more than intimate gatherings before you commit to this one, especially if your gathering is going to be sitting down. Standing works better for a high mounted TV.

The SealTV case includes a weatherproof, heavy-duty wall mount as part of your purchase with an easy option to upgrade to a swivel head mount for greater flexibility.

For more info on how to mount your TV correctly and safely check out these posts.

So, get cracking and make good use of that extra TV.