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Take your message outdoors

Seal TV enclosures allow you to safely install a regular LCD TV, display or monitor outdoors. It provides protection from rain, heat, dirt, arson and theft.

SealTV outdoor enclosure installed at The Oaks
outdoor display for signage opened

Get up and running quickly

Just install your preferred display and media player in our pre-wired enclosure, for instant outdoor signage. Use the systems you already have, or are used to using.

Backwards compatible, suits most displays

Our enclosures Fit most displays manufactured since 2010, with additional room to allow for media players and other peripherals. Re-use your older panels outside.

All leading brands are compatible with SealTV enclosures

Configure for your requirements

We can provide a range of screen protection options from Anti-Reflective treatment for enhanced daytime viewing, or Polycarbonate screens for enhanced impact resistance.

SealTV trusted by

  • Client SommerviallHouse
  • Client School Caringbah
  • Client Food Teys
  • Client School PittwaterHouse
  • Client Food UncleTobys
  • Client School OxleyCollege
  • Client School MiamiHS
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  • Client School Wairima
  • Client Mine Goodman
  • Client School YMCA
  • Client School YMCATopEnd
  • Client Food Campbells
  • Client Food Compass
  • Client Food Goodman
  • Client Food HydroProduce
  • Client Food Kialis
  • Client Food Nestle
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  • Client Food Campbells-
  • Client Food HydroProduce-
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  • Client Food Compass-1-150x
  • Client Food Sucrogen-
  • Client Food HydroProduce-1-150x
  • Client Food Teys-
  • Client Food UncleTobys-
  • Client Food Nestle-1-150x
  • Client Food Campbells-1-150x
  • Client Food Kialis-1-150x
  • Client Food Sucrogen-1-150x
  • Client Food Teys-1-150x
  • Client Food UncleTobys-1-150x
  • Client Mine Bechtel-
  • Client Mine BHP Billiton Logo-
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  • Client Mine Tronox-
  • Client Mine BHP Billiton Logo-1-150x
  • Client Mine Xstrata-
  • Client Mine bluestone-1-150x
  • Client Mine Downer-1-150x
  • Client Mine Goodman-1-150x
  • Client Mine KCGM-1-150x
  • Client School Caringbah-
  • Client Mine Newmont-1-150x
  • Client School MiamiHS-
  • Client Mine Tronox-1-150x
  • Client School OxleyCollege-
  • Client Mine Xstrata-1-150x
  • Client School PittwaterHouse-
  • Client School Wairima-
  • Client School YMCA-
  • Client School Caringbah-1-150x
  • Client School YMCATopEnd-
  • Client School MiamiHS-1-150x
  • Client SommerviallHouse-
  • Client School OxleyCollege-1-150x
  • Client School PittwaterHouse-1-150x
  • Client School Wairima-1-150x
  • Client School YMCA-1-150x
  • Client School YMCATopEnd-1-150x
  • Client SommerviallHouse-1-150x


Our enclosures provide protection to any regular LCD panel. Use your old stock to make it super cost effective.

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Easy installation

Everything is pre-wired, and pre-configured saving time and money on installation.

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Loads of Features

We've designed and engineered our range of enclosures to suit Australian conditions.

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