Thinking of installing an outdoor TV?

It’s a great idea, you can stay close to the action, and enjoy the great weather while being entertained, get more fresh air and vitamin D, and actually use that yard you’ve put so much time, money and effort into perfecting.

Before you go through the expense of buying a specialized television for outside there is a cheaper, more attractive and flexible option on the Australian market: A SealTV weatherproof enclosure. We know how much us Aussies love being outdoors and watching TV, which is why we have designed and created the highest quality outdoor TV case so that you can move any flat screen TV out into your yard, so that you can stretch out and enjoy it outside.

The SealTV case has already been proven and praised in restaurants, beer gardens, pool houses, and backyards across the country.

We’ve covered every angle possible to ensure safety all round, not just from weather and rain, but shock, fire, tampering and theft. With your case purchase we also provide an all-weather outdoor heavy-load TV mount, that way you can install your TV yourself knowing its fixture is solid and won’t let you down. No indoor TV mount will be able to handle the weather like our rustproof, heat resistant and cold resilient wall mounts. Take the risk out of any do-it-yourself job by ensuring you have the right equipment.

Want some extra wiggle room? You can upgrade to a swivel mount made from the same heavy-duty material if you want to be able to turn your TV screen to face different directions.

The SealTV screens come in a range of sizes with some breathing space for extra equipment or even a bigger TV upgrade down the track. That means that you can buy a slightly larger case for the TV you have now and keep and use the same case if you upgrade to a larger unit in the future!

You might have an extra flat screen TV lying around from the last time you upgraded your lounge room entertainment system. That’s probably going to be the best, cheapest and most user-friendly outdoor TV option for you. Just be sure your TV screen fits your desired location and the image can be clearly seen from your desired seating position. If not you may need to spend some time finding the perfect spot.

Look for a spot that is in the shade, or at least shaded from the worst of the sun so that you don’t have to compete with sun glare. SealTV screens are glare resistant, but whatever you can do location-wise to help shield the screen can really help improve the colour and contrast quality when you are viewing during daylight hours.

Once you have everything with us sorted there is only the cabling and power to finalise.

Firstly check that you have the right cables to cover the distance you want to cover and that you can get reception in that spot.

Make sure your cables are protected. UV rays break down plastic (that’s why your plastic pegs and lawn chairs deteriorate in the sun, it’s the UV rays.) Your outdoor cables will meet the same cracked and crumbling fate unless you buy some with specific UV protection. Any hardware store stocks them and they are well worth it for long-term safety and peace of mind.

On the same note, power points are also something you will want to check out. You will need an outlet close to the TVs location. Extension cords are a real safety issue, you should run any cording you need along the roof and down a support post. Cords on the ground are a huge tripping hazard and could spell disaster if you clip them with a mower or edge trimmer.

Make sure you have everything ready and in place before your case is delivered. If you find that power points are an issue, hire a qualified electrician to install an outdoor rated power socket in a location that will work best for your viewing.

You don’t want to find out at the last minute that your cords are short or the power point you wanted to use is faulty. Some pre-planning and thought into your overall results (and costs) in advance will go a long way to ensuring that you have a smooth sailing installation day.

Finally, you need to make sure that the remote control you have covers all your viewing requirements, especially if your TV is mounted high up or is hard to reach. Can you change channels, switch it on and off, and adjust the volume easily?

If you want to run subscription programs through your outdoor TV keep in mind that there are limited devices you can connect to (i.e. with Netflix you only get five). Check to make sure you have the flexibility to add another device before you get your heart set on watching your favourite show as the sun goes down.

With everything in place it’s time to get outside, chill out and enjoy living life.