Advertising is all about grabbing the attention of your customers. To start the year right and get the biggest impact from your advertising we’re looking at the influential option of digital signage.

Digital screens are an easy and powerful way to showcase products, services and content, helping you further engage with existing patrons and attract new customer attention fast.

Digital screens work in a multitude of ways to share your message. With a SealTV enclosure you have even more flexibility to choose the flat screen TV brand, size and display that works best for your business at a fraction of the price of buying new digital products. Use any existing flat screen TV (providing it’s less than 5cm thick) and secure it inside a SealTV IP rated enclose to instantly obtain a powerful digital signage tool. Weatherproof, insect proof, shock resistant and tamperproof your SealTV is now ready to display content in any outdoor space, complete with sound.

Perfect for a beer garden, alfresco seating area, car parking area, foyer or entrance wall.

Digital signage is the new business solution that gives a genuine edge over the competition by:

Having the flexibility to show a wide range of products and services.

Digital signage is flexible enough to allow you to change the message you send whenever you like. A restaurant can show different menu boards at different times of day, a café can run music videos or cartoons, depending on the customer’s tastes, a hotel can show different room packages, services on offer or joint venture products.

Linking multiple screens for a unified front.

You can sync your messages across multiple locations or across multiple screens to provide the exact same, or even complimenting messages across a big factory floor, exhibition space or a franchised business. The content on all screens can be easily changed at the same time with the press of a button.

Your message, your way.

The simplicity of a SealTV enclosure allows you to do everything from installation to running and programming them yourself. There are zero software updates and no mandatory licensing fees to run your own TV.

Engagement at point of sale

Make a powerful statement or enhance customer experience by creating an atmosphere that is contemporary and unique. Place your screen exactly where you and your customers need it most to seal a sale, encourage return patronage or provide information on supporting products and services to help them buy with confidence or relax in style.

A welcome distraction.

Having engaging digital programs in waiting areas can be a welcome distraction for customers and allows you to deliver a message or create a mood that is beneficial to your business and suitable for those in transit.

Valuable to employees.

Not just for customers, digital signage can also be used to brighten an employee lunchroom, create a rooftop retreat or to deliver valuable information in meeting rooms or car parks.

Unique display options.

Instant updates are available at any time with all content and displays totally within your control. Photo slideshows, videos, TV broadcasting, movies, sports, news, adverts, signage boards, directory information, maps, step by step instructions and previous customer testimonials, the digital signage options are endless. You can even line them up to utilise multiple options one after the other for a visual symphony. Stack as many messages as needed or schedule them to display over set periods as required.

Less fuss and expense plus passive income.

Digital means paperless, so you cut down on the hassle and expenses of printing flyers and handouts, which will also keep your business areas clean and tidy. Share the experience by offering to display other business’ services or information as well as your own in joint-venture advertising and product display. This is a genuine way to receive passive income for others to use your display and have access to your customers, while also increasing your digital message and reach.

World Wide Ready.

When connected to an internet browser you can choose to display live content from anywhere in the world including, weather, social media, newsfeed and currency prices to name a few, as well as visual links to your own business websites or blogs to enhance customer familiarity with your online services and brand.

Any message works.

No matter how small your business message is, digital signage will give you the modern edge you need to grab your customer’s attention and set you up ready to launch into a bigger message as soon as you are ready to step up. In the meantime you and your customers can get familiar with digital media and start testing variety and flexibility.

The changing face of digital signage.

The changing pace of advertising and the influence of social media puts more pressure on businesses to keep up with modern trends. Television manufacturing has also changed, making products cheaper and new lines constantly available. That means picking up a new TV or repurposing an existing TV is cheap and easy with an outdoor weatherproof case.

Step up to be seen and heard with a stunning visual display that will send a powerful advertising message and keep your business up to date.