Anti-Reflective screen compared to regular glass

Juliet’s photo shows the performance of our Anti-Reflective screen. The regular glass in the background is full of reflections, whereas the screen on the enclosure has defused the reflections so that they refracted and not reflected.

Juliet and Jordan are another of our happy customers. They replaced her Sunbrite TV with a SealTV Enclosure. Juliet shared some photos of her setup.. Jordan also emailed us some great feedback:

We have finally installed the SealTV enclosure and are very impressed with the build quality and the thought that was put into the creation of your enclosures. We love quality products, and the 42″ Commercial Grade Enclosure has exceeded our expectations.
It was 40 degrees Celsius when we were photographing it, and the enclosure and TV were cool to the touch thanks to the well thought out ventilation and cooling fans. Great product, very happy.

When we were taking a look at their photos we noticed a great example of the Anti-Reflective screen in action. In the photo above, you can see how their backyard is being reflected on the regular glass doors and windows of their home. Those reflections make it difficult to see through the glass.

In a similar way, if we used regular glass on our enclosures, reflections would compete with the image on the TV, making it difficult to watch. You will note that Juliet and Jordan’s enclosure screen does not have reflections of the backyard across it. The Anti-Reflective diffuser stops reflections making the TV much easier to watch during the day.

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