Even in the colder months we can get some great weather days in Australia. More so because we want to really enjoy that bit of sunshine while it lasts and we appreciate it that much more.

Cooler months in the Southern states also means greener gardens, more time at home and more time to enjoy the little things, like football, while the states at the top of Australia get the relief of the cool season, lower electricity bills now that the air-con unit can take a break and tranquil breezes, perfect for relaxing in a hammock on the veranda.

What that all means is that year round, it’s possible to make great use of your outdoor areas, by turning them into outdoor entertainment rooms. Winter is no time to be a hermit, invite your friends or family around, clean up the BBQ and make the most of your weekend, be it for a game or just some tunes and drinks.

With SealTV making outdoor television installation so easy and affordable, there’s no excuse not to give yourself an outdoor lounge room, either under the cover of a patio, by the pool, in the ‘shed’ or in the garden itself.

With a IP rating for secure protection the SealTV case will handle any and all weather conditions year round in any Australian state, so your TV is ready and waiting when you need it.

SealTV Flexibility

SealTV cases come in a range of sizes and each size can handle a number of different TV screen sizes. That means, as long as your existing TV is a modern flat screen (85mm deep or less) you should have no trouble finding a case to match as well as fit in any extra boxes, amps or maybe have room up your sleeve for a future TV upgrade.

SealTV IP Rating

The Seal TV IP rating means your unit is completely protected from rain, condensation and humidity, dust, insects, heat and cold (even extreme cases like frost and fire). Also shock proof, tamper and theft resistant, these screens have been designed with a rough beer garden environment in mind, so everything you and your kids might throw at it at home is well and truly covered. Just don’t fully submerge it in water, like the pool or the birdbath.

None of this would be okay for your regular TV outside the safety of the warm, dry indoors. Any one of the outdoor elements would rapidly destroy your unit. Even if it were housed under a patio; dust, moisture and temperature would still corrode and wear out your unprotected TV, voiding the warranty and making the unit completely unwatchable. You need an IP rated case to make sure your TV is protected and will last.

SealTV Glare Control

While the SealTV clear enclosure helps cut down glare and protects your screen from sunlight, you can help out by choosing a location that doesn’t cop the full force of the sun so your screen resolution and contrast stays at it’s clearest and brightest.

If your ideal placement spot is going to get some unavoidable full sun light then you can look at either upgrading to a heavy duty pivoting mount from SealTV to help give you more flexibility when watching, or you can purchase an additional covering screen from your TV manufacturer called a High Brightness Panel.

Without the panel your best bet is to mount your TV in a shaded spot, like under an awning or patio roof. Failing that, position the TV facing south (so your screen isn’t dulled from glare and the audience isn’t copping a face-full of setting sun).

Safe Power

Electricity is something we really love and depend on, it’s also incredibly powerful and needs to be harnessed. Just like your TV needs to be protected from the elements with a clear SealTV casing, your source cables also need to be setup to handle the job in a new harsh environment.

Firstly, make sure you have the ability to connect your new outdoor TV to any outlets you need by checking the connection distances, ease and safety from source to your TV’s planned position. Do this before you carry out any installation steps.

If you need extension cables make sure they are not running on the ground (where tripping and dampness risks are at their highest) and also ensure your cabling is UV protected. Regular plastic wire casing will deteriorate and break down quickly when exposed to sunlight.

HDMI cables operate most effectively over short distances. For this reason it’s best not to install any HDMI extension cables over 10 meters. Instead, use a long CAT5/6 cable to run from the outlet to the TV and use a HDMI to CAT converter to switch the signal back again inside the SealTV casing.

Using wireless? Take some time to test and practice your location before committing. You might need to be a little flexible to be close to your router.

No matter what options you use safety is your number one concern, so check that all your connections and cables are both weather proof and tamperproof from end to end to protect not only your equipment and the long term use of your outdoor entertainment system, but also the safety and health of your loved ones.

Soak it Up

Thought having a state of the art outdoor entertainment system was out of reach? SealTV make the process affordable, simple to do yourself and flexible for every family to achieve no matter their outdoor space.

Now that you have your TV and sound system installed you are ready to enjoy your outdoor space, get some fresh air and take entertainment to a whole new level of relaxation and style.

Watch the news while you garden, listen to music while you play with the kids, put your feet up and feel the breeze on your skin while you enjoy a cold one and your favourite cooking show.

If you are already a great host and want to lift the bar or if you have always wanted to invite people around for a BBQ while the game was on but didn’t have the space, it’s now here and waiting for you in the best lounge room Australian’s can ask for; the backyard.