While a backyard is part of the traditional Aussie family tradition, not everyone can afford a bit of green these days or if you do have yard space, it might not be quite as picturesque or green as you’d like.Be that as it may, the Aussie backyard is really trendy at the moment and having some kind of groomed outdoor seating area, no matter how small, is a massive asset to your home.Even more than that, if you add in an outdoor TV you expand your living room, open up entertainment options and really make your yard space stand out.If you are happy to do it yourself the margin between your initial outlay and profit when you sell your home grows even larger.So here are some great ways to modernize your backyard to get the most out of the Aussie sunshine and entertaining friends. A liveable backyard is also really effective at turning neighbours green with envy and creating a serious future investment for you and your family. 

1. Deck a tree

 Trees are great for the environment, are natural shade, look amazing and are also very relaxing (when you are not racking up leaves). Decking the base of a tree, especially one (or a cluster of trees) that sits in the centre of your yard is a great way to use a difficult space and show off your tree’s unique qualities. Best of all it’s quick, cheap and easy to do.All you need is a raised frame that circles the trunk in any shape you like; circle, hexagon, square or rectangle, it really doesn’t matter. The deck is flat and roofless which makes it a lot cheaper than a gazebo or patio and it looks stunning all year round. When you are done with the build throw on some cushions and you have the perfect spot for enjoying a cup of coffee, a quiet glass of red or white and soaking up the atmosphere. 

2. Garden lights

 Oh so simple, oh so cheap and completely amazing. Garden lighting is so dazzling; you’ll wish it was dusk to dawn all the time. Especially when you find you can make an effective lighting arrangement in less than an hour. With lighting there are plenty of cheap and flexible options including solar lights, fairy lights, candles, string bulbs, Magic wick oil lamps, mason jars, old tins, bottles and don’t forget the magic of floating paper lanterns if you have a pool or pond.Some quick but definitely not a long list of ideas include running string lights from tree to tree or between bamboo poles to give elevated lighting to walkways.Cheap natural weave baskets look amazing when filled with fairy lights and hung in trees or you can tie some ready-made lanterns to low hanging tree branches.Make your own table and ground lanterns with any sized tin, mason jars, vases, whatever you have on hand, it really is limited to your imagination. 

3. Backyard fire pit

 Toast some marshmallows and feel a part of the outdoors, a fire pit is great for igniting your yard safely any time of the year.Just like the tree decking, a fire pit is a really unique way to fill an awkward backyard space. It also excuses you from having a lawn; you can just pave the area or place river stones all the way around the pit. Make it any shape or size you need and the great thing about doing it yourself is they are supposed to look rustic so a few oddly angled stones will fit right in. 

4. Reuse and recycle

 DIY projects are the perfect way to use up some of those well-hoarded items. Crates make great wood sources for fences, gates and lighting boxes, chicken wire is the ultimate tool for shaping just about anything for creepers and wall coverings. It doesn’t matter what you have stowed away, you can create a garden feature from just about anything; old oil drums, a canoe, a bicycle, half a car, fill it with plants, add a few lights and you have something people will start talking about.Once you have your garden ready make sure you sew in some new grass seeds to be ready for a green spring, weed your garden beds and install that TV outside so you have everything rocking and rolling when the warm weather hits and you are ready to entertain.SealTV outdoor TV enclosures are IP rated fully weatherproof casings that enable you to take your spare indoor TV and install it outside saving you money and giving your backyard a super boost.