Installing a SealTV enclosure for your flat screen TV lets you easily move any modern TV to your outside area, opening up your entertainment space and getting the most out of the outdoors, a real must this summer when things are set to sizzle.

With a SealTV enclosure your TV is kept safe and secure from weather, moisture, bugs, dust, impact and even fire. Cost effective and simple to install your enclosure comes with heavy-duty outdoor brackets so that you can put your feet up and watch your favourite sport, movies or TV shows under the stars.

One thing to put on your to-do list before you invite guests over for some outdoor TV entertainment is to install some well planned lighting. Finding the right light balance is key. You need enough light so people can navigate their way around, but soft enough so you can get that cinema feel in your garden. Regular security lights or patio lights will interfere too much with the quality of the screen picture and entice moths and flying insects.

Fairies in your garden

Don’t underestimate the big impact these little lights can have. LED fairy lights have a bright light, are safe to use in wet conditions and are fantastically low on power, meaning they’ll hardly show at all on your electricity bill. You will need to buy the ones that are built for outdoor use as the plugs and cords will be stronger and more durable in weather. You can also buy battery operated versions to give you more reach from the power point, just make sure the battery casing is fully weather proof.

Fairy lights are cheap to buy and cheap to run, and look amazing in your garden.

Use your existing garden features; trees, decking, hedges, box plants to create highlights. Wind string lights around tree trunks or planter boxes or intertwine in leaves to illuminate flowers. If you have low hedges you can simply lay the lights along the top.

Solar lights

Solar lights are completely wireless so you can create bright impressions, no matter the location. There are a staggering number of options to choose from and you can pick them up from discount variety stores, hardware and gardening outlets as well as online (without any hassle of power conversions when you buy from overseas). Just keep in mind that you will most likely get what you pay for, so expect the cheapest items to need frequent replacement or maintenance.

Look for solar options if you really want to lessen the impact on the environment.

There is sure to be a design that suits your garden and allows you to make the right statement.

Garden lights can be bold and eye catching, but they can also be subtle and able to gently blend into your garden, depending on the look and mood you want to create. Even the same lights placed differently can provide dramatically different effects.


When set into the ground spotlights can get striking results. A landscape designer can really help open up your options and give you some fresh ideas, but you can probably come up with a few unique ideas of your own.

Bold lighting is perfect for guiding the way down a path or guiding the eye to a stand out feature.

Make your walkways safe by placing lights in measured stages that make moving around in the dark easy.

Get creative. There are no rules. Sometimes the best results are the most unusual or unorthodox. Find what works for you, even if that means the lights become the feature.

It’s easy to install most lights yourself and create your very own moonlight garden space in just a few hours, but when it comes to electrical work and wiring it’s essential that you hire a licensed electrician to install your lights.

The same goes for your outdoor TV connections. While you can easily and quickly install your SealTV case yourself, but preferably with a friends help as TVs are heavy. But when it comes to the work for outdoor power points or electrical extensions it’s essential for your home and contents as well as your personal safety that you hire a qualified electrician.