Australia is experiencing some incredible and extreme weather conditions at the moment and your outdoor entertainment plans might be on hold for a week or two until it passes. The time to batten down the hatches is short lived as our great Aussie weather is never too far away, and before long BBQs will sizzle, lawn mowers will hum, and people will be splashing in pools. Until then though your outdoor setting and TV might be abandoned to the elements.

How Safe are Your Outdoor TV Components?

This raises some important questions about outdoor TV health and safety. Especially when you consider that extremes aside, day to day Australian weather can have a wide range of climates, from Darwin to Hobart, wet to dry and Spring to Winter your outdoor TV will be exposed to a lot over the course of a year.

Intense humidity, frost, snow, dry heat and dust, 40+ summer weeks, cyclones and hail. Australia has every weather climate covered.

Even in a mild climate an indoor TV won’t last long outside. An undercover area or closed outdoor cupboard will protect it from rain, however it won’t be able to keep out moisture and humidity which can settle and cool on the TV surface, resulting in the moisture beading and running into the electrical system where it will breakdown parts rapidly, causing damage to screen components and overloading the power board and triggering your safety switch. In most cases water damage on modern TVs is permanent and you will need to replace the entire TV unit. An outdoor cupboard will also fail to protect a TV from dust and insects.

No matter what State, Territory or climate you live in in Australia there is a cost effective and safe way to house your inside TV outside so that you can entertain guests while you BBQ or watch your favourite sport while you garden. Let’s face it, we have so many great weather days and perfect evenings in Australia, it’s a shame to waste them stuck inside.

The answer to this problem is SealTV outdoor protective enclosure.

The SealTV clear casing protects your TV from anything the outdoor conditions can throw at it, keeping your TV protected from rain, wind, hail, theft, bugs, dust, extreme heat and extreme cold. The casing can protect your TV from temperatures well below freezing and into extreme heat ranges, to the point where it is fireproof.

Designed by Australians for Australian weather conditions this TV case can fit just about any regular indoor flat screen TV with a range of case sizes that enable flexibility, and even room to upgrade to a bigger TV down the line and with the added advantage of being able to reuse the same case! Talk to the SealTV crew about what size is best for your TV and if you want to include a mini amp and speaker system with room to expand.

The casing is proven to handle any threat from humidity in the Top End to below freezing in the cold snowy areas of Australia. While the majority of Australians will not have to factor in protection from a beer garden bust up or a Queensland cyclone, SealTV will still have you covered. It’s good to know that every situation is covered and your outdoor TV will be ready to power on in high definition when you are ready to go back outside and enjoy the great outdoors after a dust storm, heatwave, thunderstorm or a frosty morning.