Owning an outdoor TV doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It looks expensive, cutting edge and makes a big statement for sure, but the price tag attached can actually be within your budget.

Here’s how:

Research shows that indoor TVs are just as good for outdoor viewing as specially designed and purpose built outdoor TVs. Not only that but indoor TVs come in a bigger range of sizes, brands, displays and prices. So you can buy the brand you trust, use the TV you already have or pick up something on sale.

The only thing left to do when you have the right TV is buy the right weather protection cover. The best choice to make is a cover that provides solid protection from all elements, factors in running temperatures and secures from external damage and theft.

Finding the Right-Sized Outdoor TV Cover

Selecting the right weather proof cover for your TV means two things matter, quality and size.

When it comes to finding the right sized TV cover you’ll need to factor in the whole unit size, not just the screen. This is a good time to consider if you would like an amplifier installed as well to boost sound output ability.

Be sure to measure your unit from outside edge to outside edge. That means top to bottom and side to side.

When you buy your TV it will come as a measurement, i.e. 32 inch LCD. That measurement is taken of the screen only and diagonally from top corner to bottom corner. That’s not the measurement you need for your outdoor TV enclosure. So forgot what you think your screen size is, and grab a tape measure and pencil. For ease it’s best to measure in inches.

First you’ll want to measure the horizontal lines to get the width including the casing.

Then measure the height – again, outside edge to outside edge. There is no need to measure the stand if you have one – your TV will be wall mounted.

Lastly is the depth measurement, so measuring from the front to the absolute back (where all the components are housed.) Most LED, Plasma and LCD TVs are around five inches thick.

Outdoor TV Enclosure Considerations

Bigger is better. Having a larger than needed outdoor TV enclosure makes getting the enclosure on and off easier, it leaves room for sound amplifiers or possibly allows a screen upgrade in the future.

TV covers are not custom made, which makes them affordable and quick to purchase and install. So when looking at making a purchase, go with the one outside your TV’s total width (side to side).

To be safe, it’s good to choose a case that has an extra inch on either side of the width. (So +2 inches side to side.)

Here are some examples of outdoor TV covers for various TV units for:

Horizontal TV unit measurement (side to side including casing)- Outdoor TV cover size

  • Between 28 and 32 inches – 32 inch
  • between 33 and 37 inches – 38 inch
  • between 38 and 41 inches – 42 inch
  • between 42 and 45 inches – 46 inch
  • between 45 and 51 inches – 55 inch

    Of course, if you have any doubts about the right size and our range of outdoor TV covers, contact us. Our staff here at Seal TV will be happy to help and give you our expert opinion on your installation needs. Why invest big money in a TV that works outdoors when you can have the TV you really want outdoors by the weekend!