Digital Display Panels

Digital Display Panels

Our commercial grade display panels are designed for 24×7 use in high brightness and strong ambient light. Portrait and landscape configurations are available in 5 sizes, from 42″ to 75″. The full range of displays can be used in conjunction with our enclosures for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Promote special offers and new products using in-store retail signage displays
  • Attract additional foot traffic using the dynamic nature of your content
  • Showcase product features on your digital screens to encourage engagement
  • Actively manage content without design experience

Cloud-based Software Platform

The cloud-based digital signage platform lets you design and display in stunning high definition

  • Use and reuse content

Upload any video or image file type. Use any YouTube video or Instagram page.

  • Content Adaptation

Anything you upload is automatically adapted for perfect playback.

  • Security

Top-grade encryption, firewall and other security features to make sure your screens stay safe.

  • Straightforward dashboard

Provides a comprehensive management panel to manage from one to thousands of displays.

  • Drag-and-drop layout editing

Create unique display layouts using our show editor, using your uploaded media or widgets.

  • Mobile-enabled management

The management panel supports mobile browsers, so you can make changes easily on the go.

  • Support

Not sure if you can handle it? Our support team is always here to help