When the owners of The Beehive Hotel in Hawthorn came to us asking for advice on setting up an outdoor TV in their beer garden, we were happy to take the challenge on board. Their beer garden space was perfect for an outdoor television to be mounted on the brick wall and would really suit the atmosphere they were going for to show free to air sports and TV programs. What they found when they started looking at outdoor entertainment options was that outdoor TVs were priced outside their budget. They had on hand a 60 inch Samsung LCD TV that they wanted to use, however it was a standard unit and not equipped for outdoor conditions. Getting a new TV was not only too expensive, they would also miss out on using the TV they preferred and already had. Fortunately, this is a situation we see all the time and something we know our SealTV enclosures can handle. When it comes to beer gardens, you really want to make sure your unit is well protected.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Outdoor TV Setup

Our assessment was that they would be best to use a 65-inch enclosure. The 60-inch TV would mount really well in the centre of the casing and it gave them the ability to easily upgrade down the track to as large as 65 inches if they wanted to, without having to purchase a new enclosure. What we recommended for this particular space and their intended use was a commercial-grade enclosure, designed to protect a standard TV outdoors from all moisture as well as dirt, dust, weather, arson and theft. The casing also protects the internal workings of the TV with cooling fans, keeping the TV at the right temperature. This is important because there might be times in a pub setting where it can be running continuously. This is a situation that’s been catered for with the upgraded cooling fans that can handle the temperatures given off a TV that’s used 24/7. We also made the air intake filters easy to replace. If there is exhaust from the kitchen or air-conditioning units then having filters that are easy to swap out can help with the cost-effective and efficient running of a TV outdoors.

Protecting an Outdoor TV

The dual-locking system keeps the TV safely inside and for added safety we provide a lockable wall mount to secure the enclosure to the walls. The protective screen is made from acrylic, designed to absorb substantial impact. Having an acrylic screen means that it is scratch-resistant, glare resistant and it won’t shatter like glass. It’s safer and tougher than a glass screen would be, which is important in a pub, especially when sports are involved! If for some reason the enclosure screen ever sustained some damage, accidentally or intentionally by a patron, the acrylic screen can be easily and quickly replaced for very little cost. That means this outer screen takes the impact and the TV screen stays safe inside. We’ve kept the design simple. It’s just a matter of choosing the right sized enclosure, locking in the TV and mounting it on the wall. Over 90% of televisions manufactured since 2010 fit SealTV enclosures with no modification required. The package that best suited the space for the Beehive Hotel came in less than a quarter of the price of a new outdoor TV in a similar size to the one they already owned. The Beehive Hotel now have their 60 inch Samsung displaying live sports and other television content in their outdoor beer garden. If you are considering installing an outdoor TV at your venue, get a quote from SealTV for a proven and cost-effective solution.