How to make the perfect BBQ

SealTV - bbq

The sun is out, the outdoor TV is programmed for a stunning line-up of entertainment, that can only mean one thing: it’s barbecue season.

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When Should I Upgrade my TV?

When Should I Upgrade my TV?

When TVs first became available and affordable in the average home it was common to buy one set and use it basically for the life of the owner. The box cabinet would be set up in the corner of the lounge room and pretty much stay there forever, only to be retired when the picture literally became unwatchable.

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How to Clean Your TV for Perfect Outdoor Viewing

How to Clean Your TV for Perfect Outdoor Viewing

A SealTV IP rated weatherproof enclosure prepares your indoor TV for outdoor viewing in a few easy DIY steps.

Once you choose the perfect location for your new outdoor TV and have all your power outlets and cables secure and weatherproof there is only one thing left to do before you set up and enjoy, and that’s clean your flat screen TV properly.

Once your indoor TV is safely locked in the SealTV outdoor case it is completely sealed off from water, dust, insects and extreme temperatures. That means your indoor TV stays snug and clean inside…providing it was clean in the first place.

TV screens are able to get a fine layer of dust over them that builds up over time without you noticing, that’s until a sunbeam hits it in the right way and your image is obscured in a glowing haze.

Fingerprints and smudges can also really affect the viewing quality. If you have kids it’s inevitable they will go around your whole house touching any shiny flat surface with their vegemite and cheese sandwich fingers.

Not only are these things annoying when you are trying to watch a game, they can also potentially cause damage to your flat screen TV.

Before you seal off your TV for outdoor use, take the time to really give the screen a good clean up so that the image you watch is sparkling clear and perfect from day one.

The most important part of a good TV screen cleaning is having the right equipment. Before you get started with the wrong cloth make sure you have on hand a microfiber lint-free optical cloth. You might have been lucky enough to have one of these little guys thrown in with your TV at the store or provided by the manufacturer with the box. If not you can easily get one from any eyewear store or TV retailer.

Scratchy materials like tissues, paper towel, cleaning cloths and cotton rags can leave tiny indentations on your screen and impact the viewing quality. The microfiber cloth is ultra soft and contains no microscopic hooks that can drag on the glass.

If your screen is simply dusty then this is all you will need for a great clean, if your screen has been hit with a case of vegemite fingers though, you will need a little extra assistance. Before you reach for any detergents the actual required solution here is distilled water.

We all know that water is made up of H2O, however there is a bunch of hidden stuff apart from hydrogen and oxygen in spring water, filtered water and especially regular tap water, including fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury and arsenic.

Distilled water is made using only cooled steam from water. Steam is only a breakdown of those H2O blocks that return back into clean water through condensation.

The reason this is so important for TVs is that when you use regular water those additional chemicals will cling to the screen, leaving residue that can attract dust or cause damage to your flat screen coating.

And it’s not just your screen you need to be careful of either. Water and electrical components don’t mix, which is why you have purchased the SealTV enclosure in the first place, to look after the internal workings of your TV unit.

The same principle applies to cleaning your TV screen. Spraying liquid of any kind directly onto the screen runs the risk of liquid pooling down the screen and leaking into the inside components. Right below your screen are the connectors that send electrical signals to display the image correctly. These delicate teeth have copper covered tips to help maximise electrical signal strength and speed, however, they are easily corroded by liquid.

It’s really important not to use harsh cleaning agents like window cleaner on your TV screen, that’s to help keep the powerful chemicals out of your TV unit and also safeguard the protective layer the screen has for anti-glare and durability.

So now you have your microfiber cloth and the distilled water, there is just one more thing to do and that’s switch off. Never clean your screen while it is in use. Mostly because you will be less likely to see smudges and marks, but also because a working TV screen will be warmer than usual.

Turn your TV off and leave it off for at least 15 minutes to cool down before you give it a gentle dusting with a clean microfiber cloth (remember to dust over the frame as well). You can remove smudge marks without water simply by wrapping the cloth around your finger and giving the mark a gentle rub.

If the screen is really in a bad way then apply a spray of the distilled water to the cloth when it is spread flat over your hand. Gently and while keeping your hand flat, move the cloth in a circular motion over your TV screen until it is clear.

Now your screen is clean and dry it’s the perfect time to lock it away in it’s SealTV case, mounted on a feature wall or under your patio. Get a friend to help with the installation, the screens may be flat but they are not light and the mounting takes some careful handling. Once locked in you can put your feet up, grab a refreshing beverage and watch the game without distractions.

Poolside Accessories to Brighten Up Your Summer

SealTV - Poolside Accessories to Brighten Up Your Summer
Finally we are heading into summer. If you have a backyard pool you might be regretting a few things, like that it needs a lot of cleaning before anyone can get in it, or that it probably didn’t get enough use last season. Let’s change that.Firstly we’ll get you motivated to get the pool crystal clear and secondly we’ll get more use out of it more often, all by adding some fun poolside accessories that will have you ready and willing to dive right in.

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