How To Brighten Up Your Garden At Night

SealTV - Brighten up your garden

Installing a SealTV enclosure for your flat screen TV lets you easily move any modern TV to your outside area, opening up your entertainment space and getting the most out of the outdoors, a real must this summer when things are set to sizzle.

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How To Cook The Perfect BBQ Steak

SealTV - Perfect BBQ Steak

Now that you have a world class outdoor entertainment area and the perfect line up for your summer outdoor TV viewing, be it live action sports, a movie marathon, a series binge or a Christmas treat, all you need to finish up is the perfect BBQ to wow your guests.

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A backyard your kids will want to play in

SealTV - Backyard

Summer weather is finally here. Now that you have spruced your yard so it’s entertainment worthy, you will really notice the benefits of a relaxing lifestyle. One bonus feature you may not be fully taking advantage of with your outdoor TV is the time your kids spend outdoors.

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Boost your health with time outside – watching TV

SealTV - Health

Most of us work five days a week in an office, under fluorescent lights, typically without a window, or at least not one with a nature view. When we come home we are usually exhausted and with lots of items still on the to-do list, we spend the rest of the day inside before eventually collapsing on the coach to watch some TV. It’s no secret that an indoor lifestyle is bad for our physical and mental health, what research is now able to show is just how good being outside actually is for us.

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