If you have a covered outdoor entertainment area, like a patio, veranda or covered deck you might be tempted to install a regular TV there to enhance the time you spend outside.While having an indoor TV outside is a great idea with lots of practical uses and applications, the TV on its own won’t stand a chance against the elements. You’ll be lucky if your TV survives its first week.


If you have read (or you kept) your TV user manual that came in the box, yes, I guarantee you it was in the box, one of the very first warnings you will read is the DANGER of putting the TV unit outside. This is because the TV runs on electricity, and outside, even those spaces under cover become exposed to moisture.If you are lucky you will only lose your TV to a short circuit or the screen will go on the blink due to the copper head conductors corroding away.If you are unlucky the powerful electrical charge will blow a fuse in your house and take out any appliance attached to it, which might include casualties such as your indoor TV, blender and microwave.It can be a messy and expensive problem to fix and possibly an embarrassing one as you try to explain your logic of putting an indoor TV outside to the insurance person over the phone.


Speaking of the insurance person, warranties do not extend to improper use of the unit (this is also written in the user manual you received in the TV box). That means that any rules that you break make you fully responsible for paying for the resulting damage. So even if your semi outdoor TV was brand new, it’s gone. There will be no replacement sent and no refunds available. And before you think about lying about what happened, know that your unit will undergo an inspection by a certified repair person who will be able to tell within moments of opening the back the true cause of your TV not working (please note you also void your warranty if you open the back yourself).


Weather can be brutal in more ways than one. Just because your unit is under cover and away from rain and hail doesn’t keep it safe from humidity, condensation, frost, dust, direct sunlight, bugs and shock. All these things will swiftly end your outdoor TV watching fun and leave you one TV down.


The point of having a TV outside is to watch it, obviously. Which you can’t do if the images are bleached by sunlight, hampered by black spots or the glare blinds you and your fellow viewers. An indoor screen is not built to handle tough lightning situations. While some smarter TVs can adjust brightness depending on the room, it doesn’t quite extend to the onslaught of broad daylight and direct sunbeams. Your TV needs to have about double it’s brightness capacity to handle the outdoor light levels.


You could get around all these issues, or at least prolong the life of your TV a bit by taking your TV inside again whenever you aren’t using it and cart it back and forth all the time. TVs are heavy and the risk of dropping it or having it fall over because the temporary stand you have it on is too flimsy is pretty high. More than that it’s not a good use of your time.


You can solve all these problems (and some additional ones, like fireproofing, temperature control and anti tampering) with an outdoor rated SealTV casing.This Australian made and owned business delivers to your home a clear IP rated TV unit cases that fully protect flat screen TVs from all the harmful elements of the outdoors, enabling you to securely mount your indoor TV outside without a care in the world.Cost effective, practical and totally safe, SealTV cases let you have the modern and fun outdoor space you are dreaming of without any of the headaches an indoor TV will bring or the high price tag of a purpose built outdoor TV has.Moving your indoor TV to the outdoors is possible, if you are smart and do it right.