Most of us work five days a week in an office, under fluorescent lights, typically without a window, or at least not one with a nature view. When we come home we are usually exhausted and with lots of items still on the to-do list, we spend the rest of the day inside before eventually collapsing on the coach to watch some TV. It’s no secret that an indoor lifestyle is bad for our physical and mental health, what research is now able to show is just how good being outside actually is for us.

With summer approaching it means daylight hours are increasing so spending time outside in nature is more enjoyable and more possible. The really great news is there is a way for you to get more nature time, still have your relax sessions and not increase your travel time, at all.

It’s an outdoor TV.

Moving your flat screen TV to your backyard gets you out of the oppressive inside confinements and into nature. That’s a long awaited break for your mind and body that may have been stuck in an office, a car and a house all day long. It’s also a great way to inspire you to clean up the yard and do some handy work over the weekend, which means even more time outside (with sunscreen applied of course) and an even better looking, smelling and ambient garden to enjoy.

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Moving your TV to the outdoors will significantly increase your time in nature and while it can’t quite beat a walk in the woods, it’s pretty darn close. That means great benefits for the whole family.

Here are some incredible benefits you can experience from spending more time outdoors.

Improves short-term memory

Forgot why you walked into the kitchen? Too much time indoors will give you a serious case of the fuzzies. Spending time outside has been shown to increase memory of students who spent time in nature, while those who went for an urban street walk showed no sign of improvement.

De-stresses by reducing cortisol levels and lowering blood pressure

Feeling stressed? Being outside reduces those nasty cortisol levels, slows the pulse and lowers blood pressure. If you feel like blowing your top, go stand on the back porch and consider the setting sun. You’ll feel better in minutes. The longer you stay there, the better you’ll feel.

Overcomes mental fatigue

Time in the garden overcomes burnout. Switching to outdoor activities, feeling the wind on your face and getting your hands dirty in the garden are sure fire ways to re-boost your mental alertness and overcome burnout. That means you can actually keep going stronger for longer if you stop to take regular breaks in nature.

Fights anxiety and depression

Too much time indoors enhances feelings of depression and anxiety and deflates our self-confidence, which just encourages us to spend more time indoors. Break this nasty cycle with some time in your backyard. Exposing your senses to natural colours, sights and smells is enough to shake off the blues and start to clear your head. Make sure your garden has the feel of a place you want to be in, grow a variety of plants, flowers or vegetables to satisfy your senses. Also, break up solitary time by having close friends or family around regularly for an outdoor dinner or BBQ or some fun watching sport in your backyard entertainment area.

Improves focus

If you find your mind wandering or jumping from idea to idea like a monkey in a playground it sounds like you need an outdoor break. This one is especially good for kids who suffer ADHD. New studies show that just 20 minutes outdoor time in nature can reduce the signs of ADHD and encourage focus.

Reduces the risk of developing myopia

This is another important one if you have kids. Myopia, or near-sightedness, has been shown to reduce in kids who spend more time outdoors. While there have been no significant studies conducted on eyesight and outdoor activity for adults to date, it stands to reason that adults can benefit from eye health by spending time outside as well, especially if it means you are playing with your kids while following baby shark moves on your outdoor TV.

Sure, going for a walk in nature (not around the block) will further increase the impact of the health benefits above, but if all you have time for is an hour in the backyard after work you’re still getting results. In fact, people in offices that have a park or woodland window view are shown to be more productive and more satisfied at work, and those who are shown pictures of nature find their mood and energy levels increased. The more nature time you do the better your health benefits will be, so shift your TV watching to your backyard and spend your weekends making sure that yard is the private oasis it needs to be for a happy and healthy life.