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Outdoor TV vs Indoor TV

Outdoor TV

To have the perfect outdoor entertainment area you do need to have a well-positioned outdoor TV.

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What are the Benefits of Outdoor TV Advertising?

Outdoor TV Signage

With every possible spare space dedicated to advertising, both with street signage and online banners and clicks, you might be wondering how you can make a big statement and get your local business noticed. Especially if you don’t have a big street presence or a massive advertising budget.

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The 12 Best Outdoor TV Ideas

When you use a SealTV protective case to weatherproof your indoor TV you have the best outdoor TV possible, and installing your TV outside becomes flexible, affordable and super easy.

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What Is An Outdoor Television IP Rating?

SealTV enclosures have an IP rating of IP65

At SealTV we are proud of our outdoor television enclosure’s IP rating of IP65.  When it comes to protecting your standard indoor TV from the outdoor elements, we think the IP65 rating is the perfect blend of practicality and safety.

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Safety First for Your Poolside Outdoor TV

An outdoor TV by the pool is perfect for summer!

Water and electricity just don’t mix. Knowing that though might not stop us from using our mobile in the spa, or laptop in the bathtub or having a TV by the pool. We are just so addicted to our entertainment and connection to the world. Unlike the inconvenience of dropping your phone down the toilet or iPad in the Jacuzzi, having a TV by the pool is a much greater risk. It’s not just your device that can shutdown, it could be your heart.

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