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Change Your Life with an Outdoor Television

Outdoor Television on a decking with a spa

When World War II was over black and white television sets became household items. Since then the ability and quality of televisions have reached incredible levels. Camera quality is able to capture pristine images and televisions are able to receive and replay images in true to life form. Now, you can even have an outdoor television if you want.

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Increase Revenue with an Outdoor Television Enclosure

Outdoor Television Enclosure mounted to a wall in a pub

Watching TV outdoors is currently very popular, and bars, pubs and clubs who are noticing this trend are capitalising quickly by adding an outdoor television to their beer garden or eating areas. While your guests may love watching their favourite sports outside, it’s very important to make sure your flat panel TV is properly protected against the elements and accidental damage.

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Mark’s 50″ Outdoor TV Looks Great

50 inch outdoor TV enclosure

Mark’s sent in some photos of his outdoor entertaining area with his new 50 inch enclosure protecting his TV.

Mark has sent in some photos of his TV and enclosure installed. Take a look.

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Juliet & Jordan’s 42″ TV Enclosure with Anti-Reflective Screen

Anti-Reflective screen compared to regular glass

Juliet’s photo shows the performance of our Anti-Reflective screen. The regular glass in the background is full of reflections, whereas the screen on the enclosure has defused the reflections so that they refracted and not reflected.

Juliet and Jordan are another of our happy customers. They replaced her Sunbrite TV with a SealTV Enclosure. Juliet shared some photos of her setup.

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Sid’s Super SealTV Setup

Sid and his SealTV enclosure

Sid in his backyard enjoying a BBQ and his SealTV TV enclosure. Looks like Paul Gallen being interviewed for SOA on TV?

Sid, one of our happy customers, has been good enough to send in photos of his SealTV Enclosure installation, and has given us a bit of a wrap on our Facebook page which we really appreciate. He writes:

I would highly recommend Seal TV, the service is GREAT and the product is OUTSTANDING. I have had a few family & friends gathering watch sports or movies for the kids in our new out door area. Thanks Seal TV for bringing the indoors outside.

Sid’s captilisation in that quote, not mine! Sid installed a 42″ Al-Fresco Series enclosure in his outdoor entertaining area, which is a full outdoor enclosure and optioned up one of our Anti-Reflective screens to enhance daytime viewing. We will be following up with Sid to get more details on his installation to share with our customers.

In the meantime, if you want a similar setup for your own backyard, all you have to do is request a quote!