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5 Things to Consider for an Outdoor TV

Enjoy your outdoor TV from the spa!

There is possibly no combination in the world more perfect than, outdoors, BBQ, sport and cold beer. It’s the perfect scenario to invite a few mates around and really enjoy yourself.

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Your Indoor Television is Not an Outdoor Television, Yet…

Outdoor Television by the pool

It’s simple really, your indoor television isn’t an outdoor television because water and electricity just don’t mix. Knowing that though might not stop us from using our mobile in the spa, or laptop in the bathtub or having a TV by the pool. We are just so addicted to our entertainment and connection to the world. Unlike the inconvenience of dropping your phone down the toilet or iPad in the Jacuzzi, having a TV by the pool is a much greater risk. It’s not just your device that can shut down, it could be your heart.

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Guidelines for Selecting the Perfect Outdoor TV Cover

Guidelines For Selecting The Perfect Outdoor TV Cover

Owning an outdoor TV doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It looks expensive, cutting edge and makes a big statement for sure, but the price tag attached can actually be within your budget.

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Why Using an Indoor TV Outside Makes Sense

Outdoor TV mounted by the swimming pool

Before you start reading this I want to make is really clear that you cannot just pick up your indoor TV and take it outside and plug it in. Well, okay you can, but your TV will break. Condensation will probably get to it first, although most of the outdoor elements will cause your TV considerable harm. Basically, if you want your indoor TV to survive outside, you need to read this (I’ll be fast, I promise).

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Enhanced Sound for Outdoor TV Covers

Outdoor TV and Speakers

With today’s technology, LCD televisions have incredible sound power. When it comes to moving your TV outside using a Seal TV outdoor TV enclosure you might decide for the space you have and the type of environment your outdoor entertainment will create, that the inbuilt sound system is simply not going to be enough to create the effect you want.

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