Summer weather is finally here. Now that you have spruced your yard so it’s entertainment worthy, you will really notice the benefits of a relaxing lifestyle. One bonus feature you may not be fully taking advantage of with your outdoor TV is the time your kids spend outdoors.

Your outdoor, weatherproof TV opens up a huge range of options to get your kids active and enjoying the sunshine. It’s important that they spend a good amount of time outside. With summer holidays fast approaching it can be all too easy for them to spend a whole day, or week, glued to a game or the TV inside. Sedentary lifestyles lead to all sorts of mental and physical issues including depression and obesity, so getting active is something we need to take seriously. Everyone, especially kids, need to be encouraged to move more.

Having an outdoor TV means your children get the stimulation they crave while being exposed to fresh air, dirt and butterflies. As well as getting an opportunity to run around. Outside kids can be noisy so they are more likely to express themselves honestly. It’s not just a physical thing either, outdoors kids show resourcefulness, use their imagination and interact with nature. They also expand their spatial relation awareness, get a good dose of vitamin D and will be ready for bed and a good night’s sleep nice and early. Whew. With so many good reasons you’ll be doing star jumps on the lawn yourself to get them started.

Here are some extra ways you can make your outdoors more exciting for your kids so that they actually want to spend more time outside.

Play dates

Invite other kids over from school, day care, kindy or even the neighbours. Feel confident about asking for a pick up time from their parents if you don’t want playtime going forever, although you can also consider running a play date all night by having a sleep over.

Play dates are great for social interaction, learning to share and cooperate, as well as expanding individual reach and imagination by connecting different thoughts, ideas and creativity.

Kids aren’t that likely to play for long periods on their own outside, so unless you are willing to get out there and keep the imaginary games going, having a group of friends is the key to keeping them occupied.

Have some activities ready to keep them going. Line up a movie, have some ball games or a basket of dress ups. Don’t be surprised if your kids utilise some unexpected props as part of their play as well, you will need to make sure you lock anything dangerous or expensive in a shed or lockable cupboard to keep it away from the action.


Everyone loves alfresco dining, even the kids. A kiddy sized table and chair set laid with fruits and bowls of yoghurt are perfect fun and healthy treats. Or you can throw down some rugs for a picnic on the grass.

Other treats that satisfy and require little prep time are two minute noodles and spaghetti bolognaise, both of which are great for disguising grated vegetables. If you are in the mood to BBQ try chicken, pineapple and capsicum kebab sticks, mini rissoles or sausages in bread, pair them with coleslaw or potato salad for a healthy kick.

While you have the picnic rug out consider reading them a book, playing cards or telling a story.


A rustic cubby house looks great and creates a perfect space for kids to play. The opportunity for games is limited only by your child’s imagination.

The best cubbies are made on the fly so don’t feel pressured to go out and buy a dollhouse looking piece, just knock together some walls and a roof from what you can find around the house or recycling centre.

TV time

Be sure to use your outdoor TV to its maximum advantage.

    • Kids movies

Line up the latest movie or put on a classic. Have your kids dress up as the characters and encourage them to sing along and dance.

    • Kids TV shows

Go for interactive shows that encourage kids to sing, move and follow the leader.

    • Dance workshops or concerts

Turn the music up and let them pivot to their heart’s content without the fear of knocking over your favourite lamp or sending your laptop flying.

    • Painting or craft classes

This is the perfect place for them to make a mess. Let them go wild with paints, glitter or cut and paste activities and have the garden hose ready to squirt them off later.

Some backyards have that little bit of extra, like a pool, trampoline or slippery dip. If you have one of these, great, if you don’t remember that a regular garden sprinkler, inflatable pool or slip and slide can provide just as much fun this summer. If you haven’t looked into how simple and easy it is to install a TV outside talk to SealTV now about your options.

Whatever your outdoor fun, remember to slip, slop, slap and if your kids are showing reluctance to get out and give the outside a go, lead by example and get moving yourself, they’ll be quick to follow.