We often have customers who originally start out researching outdoor TVs but after finding us, switch plans and go for a SealTV enclosure with a standard indoor TV, tucked away safely inside. There are many reasons why an Enclosure + TV combination is a better idea. Here’s 5 for you to consider:

1. Total cost is much lower

An enclosure + TV combination is at least a third of the price of a comparatively sized outdoor TV – sometimes even less.

2. Local support 

We provide local support and warranty for our enclosures, and any TV purchased here (be it Samsung, LG etc) would also enjoy local support and a network of authorised repairers. All current outdoor TVs are manufactured overseas, and local support and parts availability is extremely limited. 

3. Easy maintenance

Our enclosures are designed with reliability in mind, but if anything does go wrong, it’s easy to resolve as the unit is designed to be opened easily and all our parts are a modular plug and play, for easy swap out.. A specialised outdoor TV is permanently sealed. Servicing and repair outside of warranty can be costly. 

4. Upgradeable

You can upgrade/update the TV inside at a fraction of the cost, so when you are ready for Ultra HD or OLED, you only need to upgrade the TV, and not the enclosure. 

5. Two for One

You can upgrade your main TV, and use your old TV (current main TV) outside – kind of like a two for one upgrade!