Want to improve your relationship and home without having your house overrun by sports fans?We have the answer: Outdoor TVNot what you were expecting? Wait, we have proof.Your significant other probably already has a nest for sports binging, and chances are it cramps your style, be it the La-Z-Boy which is not only an eyesore but a large obstacle in your lounge room, the ‘man cave’ garage which means you never get to see them (only hear from them occasionally) or the pub, which means you not only never see them, you also see a large chunk of income disappear over the price of beers at that place!Then there is the hassle of having to tiptoe around when a game is on. Heaven forbid you pass in front of the screen when a goal is about to be scored because you need to get something tucked in the corner (and try anticipating when a goal isn’t a threat, its impossible!)

So here are 19 good reasons to install a TV in your outdoor area

    1. You get to see more of your partner.
    2. They might actually do some gardening, cleaning or fixing while they are out there.
    3. When you have visitors you can all socialise together, none of this, segregation nonsense from last millennium.
    4. You are separate enough not to get in each other’s way, but close enough to communicate (and hand salad and plates out the door).
    5. It encourages a healthier lifestyle; we need more fresh air and vitamin D you know.
    6. It inspires remodelling, landscaping and renovations to make outdoor areas more attractive and user friendly.
    7. Someone is outside to supervise the dog and or kids while they play.
    8. Mess is easy to clean up (chips, sauce, grease; it’s no problem out there).
    9. It gives them something to be responsible for. If your partner is a little on the sloppy or carefree side, this is your chance to give them a space that is completely their own, they might just step up their game and take some pride in it, especially since it’s on view to guests and other family members.
    10. You can downsize the ‘man cave’ space and actually park your car in the garage.
    11. You get full access to the inside TV to watch what you want, when you want.
    12. Let them refurbish and paint the patio any way they want, as long as you can do the same for the living room.
    13. Your house will stay cleaner for longer.
    14. You will have no problem with friends turning up to watch games, they are outside after all, and if things get too loud you can say the neighbours required that it be turned down.
    15. You get to have more outdoor meals. Nothing feels quite as amazing as outdoor dining.
    16. BBQs. Lots more backyard BBQs (and your partner will be able to cook and watch the screen at the same time).
    17. It will inspire late night cuddle ups. Snuggle up under a blanket and watch a show, movie or game together.
    18. It’s cool. Having an outdoor TV (or just a working outdoor living area) is oh so modern and stylish. You will be trendsetting
    19. Your partner feels their sporting ways are accepted and special. Let’s face it, they love to be spoiled and this way it looks like you are doing them a massive favour…just don’t give away all the benefits you are getting, and they might give you something nice to show their gratitude.
If you already have a glam patio area and are hesitant about the TV ruining the vibe, not to worry, there are plenty of ways to cover up the technology.SealTV outdoor enclosures are a streamlined and attractive way to safely move any indoor flat screen TV to the outdoors.You can install a false wood panel ceiling to hide wires and cables.For a really stylish look hide your wall wiring inside some pipe for that rustic closed in look that is also safe and protects your cables from water and UV damage. (This is just ornamental pipe, don’t use any existing piping that is part of your home).And yes, chandeliers and TVs look amazing together so wire up a TV to your outdoor space and see more of your sport-loving partner. Who knows, you may get addicted yourself!