Change Your Life With An Outdoor Television

Outdoor Television on a decking with a spa
When World War II was over black and white television sets became household items. Since then the ability and quality of televisions have reached incredible levels. Camera quality is able to capture pristine images and televisions are able to receive and replay images in true to life form. Now, you can even have an outdoor television if you want. In 2013 79% of households worldwide owned a television set ( Source – “TVTechnology: The State of Television, Worldwide”. Retrieved 22 March 2015). considering the level of poverty in some countries, that is truly an amazing statistic! So where to next? Well, the answer is very close to home, actually, it’s your backyard. In today’s’ post we are going to introduce the idea of moving your TV viewing…outside. With everybody in the western world owning a television having one of your own isn’t that life changing, until you really make it into something different. With SealTV enclosures you can give yourself that difference and bring about a brand new TV experience that will make TV interesting again. Here are five examples of what you can expect from moving your TV outside with Seal TV.

1. Get Some Weather

In Australia, the best things happen outside. BBQs, cricket, beer gardens, alfresco dining. These are draw cards. Having an outdoor television makes sense for the Australian love of outdoors as well as enjoying some of the best weather on offer. By making use of the outside space you already have, be it a deck, rock garden pool or yard by installing a TV, sealed and protected from all weather, vandalism, theft and fire, those balmy summer evenings and sunny Sundays can be fully appreciated and taken in. Watch a movie under the stars, have a beer while watching sports, or a glass of wine and dinner with a home renovations show. Shifting your TV outside stops you from zoning out in front of the box, and brings it back to an engaging event.

2. Space

That Australian’s love outdoors is proven by just how much outdoor space we give ourselves. It’s not just the dimensions of your property, it’s open space, which means you can take up more of it, be more flexible with how you arrange it, kick back and be more relaxed and also be out of the way of other family members if there is a big gathering. Having that extra space opens up options as well for social gatherings either with family, friends or colleagues as well as livening up those traditional big occasions like Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries.

3. Talking Point

With so much rapidly changing in the world right now it’s hard to have something good for show and tell. An outdoor TV is a great talking point as well as eye catching. It’s a TV, which as we know everyone has but it’s unique so you will get other people’s attention. Not only will the television watching be special, but the outdoor space will be special as well. So often we see that outdoor space is underused. You wouldn’t have any regrets if you didn’t spend more time on your lounge, but most people have very real dreams of spending more time outside. If you already have a fantastic outdoor space this will really be a centrepiece that will engage others and put you ahead of the curve. If you have space but it’s not up to scratch right now, this is a really good motivator to get that deck finished or the weeds pulled so you can actually live the lifestyle you had in mind when you moved in.

4. Haters

Since people are noticing your space and your amazing ability to watch television outside, that is definitely going to attract some jealously. Sometimes it’s worth doing something extravagant just so people will hate on you. Otherwise, ‘Pimp my Ride’ would not be a very well broadcast TV show. If you want to make people green with envy and are not in a position to buy a Ferrari, this is a really amazing backup plan. To take the envy up a notch, tag your photos @sealtv and #sealtv on Instagram and we’ll share them as well.

5. Work and Watch

We love our sports; the problem is we have other responsibilities as well. We need to look after our health, mow the lawn, paint the deck, and hang the washing. With an outdoor TV, we can do both. We can swim, ride a stationary bike, lay into the punching bag or maybe use that giant cross fit trainer outside while watching something that either motivates us to stay on our fitness plan, or distracts us from how buggered we feel after ten minutes of training. Mow the law, replant, pull weeds or water while watching the cricket? Priceless. If it’s time to upgrade your life with an outdoor television, give us a call on 1300938887 or request a quote and we’ll speak with you about an enclosure that best suits your needs.

Increase Revenue With an Outdoor Television Enclosure

Outdoor Television Enclosure mounted to a wall in a pub
Watching TV outdoors is currently very popular, and bars, pubs and clubs who are noticing this trend are capitalising quickly by adding an outdoor television to their beer garden or eating areas. While your guests may love watching their favourite sports outside, it’s very important to make sure your flat panel TV is properly protected against the elements and accidental damage. In this case, you’ll need to take additional steps to make sure your outside television won’t get damaged and the best way to do that is by getting a custom TV enclosure. The good news is that you can find these enclosures for an affordable price and have great piece of mind knowing you are protecting your TV from a wide range of factors, including rain, humidity, physical damage, fire, and more.

The pros of getting a custom TV enclosure

If you just bought an expensive TV and you want to make sure it’s properly protected once you place it outside, then you know it makes sense to get a custom TV enclosure. TV enclosures are excellent from many points of views, including the fact they help protect your TV from theft. Of course, as you can imagine, the enclosure also protects your TV against physical damage. Let’s say that you have a bar and you just bought a new outside television to attract clients to come and watch live sports. Now, let’s imagine there’s a very important game going on and one of your clients cheers for a team that’s not doing that well. He gets upset and throws his beer at the screen. Given the fact your TV is safely stored in a custom enclosure, you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged. Your TV is 100% safe!

Prevents customers from touching the TV

How often do you have to clean fingerprints off doors and windows? We’ve all been there and we know that doing so can be a chore. Luckily, if you have a custom TV enclosure you don’t have to worry about that. It’s the enclosure that will get dirty and not your brand-new TV. As for cleaning the enclosure, we recommend a damp cloth from a bucket with warm, soapy water only. By mounting your TV on a wall outside, you can also help to keep a distance between the screen and your patrons by putting furniture or plants underneath the enclosure.

Features to consider when buying a TV enclosure

Depending on where you want to install your TV enclosure and the level of protection you require, the following specifications are all available for commercial grade enclosures:
  • Weather rated design to IP55 (upgradeable to IP65)
  • Impact resistant viewing window (optional anti-reflective treatment, improves visibility in daytime)
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling system keeps the Monitor/TV in an operating environment in accordance with manufacturers specifications.
  • Built tough: Powder-coated, steel body. Double/Triple locking system keeps the display safe.
  • Plug & play design makes installation a breeze.
  • Cable pass-through lets you connect anything to the Monitor/TV with ease.
  • Adjustable internal mount lets you adjust for depth of your Monitor/TV.
If you want to safely, securely and affordably install a display to work in outdoor conditions, and ensure your patrons stay in your establishment to enjoy the big game rather than go home, or worse, to a competitor, contact us on 1300938887 or request a quote today.

Mark’s 50 inch outdoor TV looks great

50 inch outdoor TV enclosure

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Anti-Reflective screen compared to regular glass

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