Create an amazing outdoor Christmas spread

Now that you’ve decked your hedge with LED lights and hooked up your TV in the backyard, fully weatherproof and protected from pretty much anything you can throw at it, entertainment this Christmas is easy, even better if you have a pool to go with those hot summer night. So how about that outdoor Christmas spread to go with it?

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Spruce your garden in less than 3 hours

There is so much to do in the lead up to Christmas your gardening most likely gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. The only time you’ll probably even consider doing a garden clean up is mid-Christmas morning when you go out to check if the BBQ gas bottle needs changing. Just when you notice the gas bottle doesn’t have a replacement ready you also realise the lawn needs mowing and the weeds are staging a hostile take over.

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SealTV Christmas movie feast

SealTV - Christmas Movie Feast

Yes, the Christmas typecast might be those snow and ice cities in Europe and America, but modern times are all about challenging stereotypes and doing things different and it’s time the rest of the world really knew how miraculous a summer Christmas can be.

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How To Brighten Up Your Garden At Night

SealTV - Brighten up your garden

Installing a SealTV enclosure for your flat screen TV lets you easily move any modern TV to your outside area, opening up your entertainment space and getting the most out of the outdoors, a real must this summer when things are set to sizzle.

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