Guidelines For Selecting The Perfect Outdoor TV Cover

Guidelines For Selecting The Perfect Outdoor TV Cover
Owning an outdoor TV doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It looks expensive, cutting edge and makes a big statement for sure, but the price tag attached can actually be within your budget. Here’s how: Research shows that indoor TVs are just as good for outdoor viewing as specially designed and purpose built outdoor TVs. Not only that but indoor TVs come in a bigger range of sizes, brands, displays and prices. So you can buy the brand you trust, use the TV you already have or pick up something on sale. The only thing left to do when you have the right TV is buy the right weather protection cover. The best choice to make is a cover that provides solid protection from all elements, factors in running temperatures and secures from external damage and theft.

Finding The Right-Sized Outdoor TV Cover

Selecting the right weather proof cover for your TV means two things matter, quality and size. When it comes to finding the right sized TV cover you’ll need to factor in the whole unit size, not just the screen. This is a good time to consider if you would like an amplifier installed as well to boost sound output ability. Be sure to measure your unit from outside edge to outside edge. That means top to bottom and side to side. When you buy your TV it will come as a measurement, i.e. 32 inch LCD. That measurement is taken of the screen only and diagonally from top corner to bottom corner. That’s not the measurement you need for your outdoor TV enclosure. So forgot what you think your screen size is, and grab a tape measure and pencil. For ease it’s best to measure in inches. First you’ll want to measure the horizontal lines to get the width including the casing. Then measure the height – again, outside edge to outside edge. There is no need to measure the stand if you have one – your TV will be wall mounted. Lastly is the depth measurement, so measuring from the front to the absolute back (where all the components are housed.) Most LED, Plasma and LCD TVs are around five inches thick.

Outdoor TV Enclosure Considerations

Bigger is better. Having a larger than needed outdoor TV enclosure makes getting the enclosure on and off easier, it leaves room for sound amplifiers or possibly allows a screen upgrade in the future. TV covers are not custom made, which makes them affordable and quick to purchase and install. So when looking at making a purchase, go with the one outside your TV’s total width (side to side). To be safe, it’s good to choose a case that has an extra inch on either side of the width. (So +2 inches side to side.) Here are some examples of outdoor TV covers for various TV units for: Horizontal TV unit measurement (side to side including casing) Outdoor TV cover size Between 28 and 32 inches 32 inch between 33 and 37 inches 38 inch between 38 and 41 inches 42 inch between 42 and 45 inches 46 inch between 45 and 51 inches 55 inch Of course, if you have any doubts about the right size and our range of outdoor TV covers, contact us. Our staff here at Seal TV will be happy to help and give you our expert opinion on your installation needs. Why invest big money in a TV that works outdoors when you can have the TV you really want outdoors by the weekend!

Why Using an Indoor TV Outside Makes Sense

Outdoor TV mounted by the swimming pool
Before you start reading this I want to make is really clear that you cannot just pick up your indoor TV and take it outside and plug it in. Well, okay you can, but your TV will break. Condensation will probably get to it first, although most of the outdoor elements will cause your TV considerable harm. Basically, if you want your indoor TV to survive outside, you need to read this (I’ll be fast, I promise). Okay, now that that’s straight, I want to make it very clear that if you are thinking about setting up a TV outside, say on your patio or veranda, maybe by the pool, an indoor TV is a great option. I say this because purpose built outdoor TV’s are expensive. They are harder to source than standard TVs, come in limited sizes, limited display types and they are really expensive (it’s worth saying twice). For example. The 32 inch SunBriteTV is priced at USD $1,500. Or if you want to go bigger, the SunBrite 46 inch is USD $4,300.

Are Outdoor TV’s Good Value For Money?

Many purpose-built outdoor TV’s don’t perform well with sun glare and are missing things, like base stands. For that price, you would expect to get outstanding picture quality, but actually, all you are paying for is the weather proofing. The biggest problem with enclosed TV’s is overheating. Like all electronic devices when they are running they generate heat. Part of the reason that flat TV screens have been so successful is that there is very little inside them to cool. LED screens especially generate less heat. The same principle applies to older style computers. Much of the bulk of a computer body, and TV body, was in fans that cool during run time. As technology capabilities advance and we have access to indoor temperature control, the need for cooling fans has diminished. The trick for outdoor TV’s is providing enough ventilation to keep the system running in natural conditions while still maintaining the beauty and convenience of a flat screen.

Outdoor Television Options

When it comes to outdoor televisions, there is another option. The option to take your indoor TV (the size, display and brand you like best), encase it in a SealTV enclosure, and mount it on your wall – outside. A SealTV enclosure provides all the features and abilities of a purpose built outdoor TV, in that it protects your TV screen and TVs components from light, heat, water, weather, dust and insects, only it costs a fraction of the price. The SealTV enclosure has built in cooling fans to ensure your TV can breathe inside its protective casing without overheating, even if you leave it running 24/7, which you might like to do if you are looking to install a TV in a commercial setting, like a hotel beer garden. It has a generous temperature protection capacity so if you are living in alpine areas or the central desert, your TV will be able to withstand the elements. The SealTV enclosure also protects your TV from shock, fire, theft and vandalism. This is an Australian made, Australian built and Australian designed solution to having an affordable, durable and attractive TV outside. Australian’s know how to enjoy great weather and have great backyard space that might not be getting the attention it deserves. We want to make sure everyone who wants the fun, style and flexibility of an outdoor TV is able to access options that get them there. If you were put off buying an outdoor TV because of the price, or you were concerned about the damage the outside elements would cause to an indoor TV, this is the solution you have been looking for to give you the best of both worlds and greater entertainment options for your family, clients and guests. Contact us today for a quote.

Enhanced Sound For Outdoor TV Covers

Outdoor TV and Speakers
With today’s technology, LCD televisions have incredible sound power. When it comes to moving your TV outside using a Seal TV outdoor TV enclosure you might decide for the space you have and the type of environment your outdoor entertainment will create, that the inbuilt sound system is simply not going to be enough to create the effect you want. It really comes down to the purpose of your space and how many people you are looking to engage with. If you decide to boost the sound of your TV in an outdoor location, then our weather protected speaker and miniature amplifier package is an affordable and easy way to go about it. We have designed this kit to match perfectly with your Seal TV outdoor TV cover and ensure that no matter what your needs are, you will have the equipment to deliver a top quality performance. Our sound kit includes a highly efficient miniaturised amplifier along with a pair of 150W quality speakers.

Your Mini Amplifier

The Muse M50 Mini Amplifier is perfect for your outdoor TV entertainment. This class leading T-amp packs a great punch for its small size. We chose it because it fits snugly in your SealTV enclosure so that it is away from weather as well as protected from shock and tampering. The high-quality design and components, include the Japanese ALPS potentiometer and digital power amplifier chip digitally amplify the sound from your TV to the speakers. The Muse M50 has mute input capacity and an integrated circuit for eliminating the noise of switching On/Off as well as intelligent short circuit and overheating protection. Designed to handle any stress the amplifier can handle operating temperatures from -35 to +85 degree Celsius and can be stored in temperatures as low as -55 degrees and as high as 135 degrees. While we have provided incredible speakers as part of the package, the amp can connect with any passive 4/8 speakers and is compatible with the standard audio line of any sound system. With its surprisingly strong driving forces, this little amp is fully equipped to produce a booming stereo sound in your outdoor entertaining area.

Your Weather Rated Speakers

Your weather rated speakers are a stylish 5” professional outdoor speaker system. Build to perform outdoors and withstand the elements they are easy to install and have great sound with high power (RMS Power 45W per speaker). They feature 2-way exceptional sound quality for professional sound reinforcement and a quick mounting bracket, which fit easily into any corner. With this 2-Way Indoor & Outdoor speakers, you’re sure to enjoy a superbly realistic surround sound experience.

Fast and Easy Installation

As well as the portable amplifier and twin speakers we have provided everything you need for fast and easy installation and quality sound output. All cables provided allow for easy installation, and the speaker brackets can be used to mount the speakers beside or around your TV screen. In your sound box you will find the Muse M50 Amplifier, a 14-volt power adapter. Twin 150W, 2-way weather rated speakers, integrated wall brackets, two high-quality speaker cables, and a high-quality RCA Input cable. When considering if this product is right for your outdoor entertainment space it’s important to factor what you want to achieve. Pergolas, decks and sheds are standard examples of where our sound kit and SealTV enclosures have really transformed an outdoor space. Some additional spaces for sound mounting that create sensational entertainment and practical space solutions include schools, bars, lecture theatre rooms, boardrooms, cafes, function area, pubs and boutiques. This truly is the best cost-effective solution for great sounding outdoor TV cover. If you’re ready to take your outdoor entertainment up a level, contact us for a free quote today.

Choosing the Best Outdoor TV Setup

Man watching TV drinking a beer in a beer garden
When the owners of The Beehive Hotel in Hawthorn came to us asking for advice on setting up an outdoor TV in their beer garden, we were happy to take the challenge on board. Their beer garden space was perfect for an outdoor television to be mounted on the brick wall and would really suit the atmosphere they were going for to show free to air sports and TV programs. What they found when they started looking at outdoor entertainment options was that outdoor TVs were priced outside their budget. They had on hand a 60 inch Samsung LCD TV that they wanted to use, however it was a standard unit and not equipped for outdoor conditions. Getting a new TV was not only too expensive, they would also miss out on using the TV they preferred and already had. Fortunately, this is a situation we see all the time and something we know our SealTV enclosures can handle. When it comes to beer gardens, you really want to make sure your unit is well protected.

Choosing the Best Outdoor TV Setup

Our assessment was that they would be best to use a 65-inch enclosure. The 60-inch TV would mount really well in the centre of the casing and it gave them the ability to easily upgrade down the track to as large as 65 inches if they wanted to, without having to purchase a new enclosure. What we recommended for this particular space and their intended use was a commercial grade enclosure, designed to protect a standard TV outdoors from all moisture as well as dirt, dust, weather, arson and theft. The casing also protects the internal workings of the TV with cooling fans, keeping the TV at the right temperature. This is important because there might be times in a pub setting where it can be running continuously. This is a situation that’s been catered for with the upgraded cooling fans that can handle the temperatures given off a TV that’s used 24/7. We also made the air intake filters easy to replace. If there is exhaust from kitchen or air-conditioning units then having filters that are easy to swap out can help with cost-effective and efficient running of a TV outdoors.

Protecting an Outdoor TV

The dual-locking system keeps the TV safely inside and for added safety we provide a lockable wall mount to secure the enclosure to the walls. The protective screen is made from acrylic, designed to absorb substantial impact. Having an acrylic screen means that it is scratch resistant, glare resistant and it won’t shatter like glass. It’s safer and tougher than a glass screen would be, which is important in a pub, especially when sports are involved! If for some reason the enclosure screen ever sustained some damage, accidentally or intentionally by a patron, the acrylic screen can be easily and quickly replaced for very little cost. That means this outer screen takes the impact and the TV screen stays safe inside. We’ve kept the design simple. It’s just a matter of choosing the right sized enclosure, locking in the TV and mounting it on the wall. Over 90% of televisions manufactured since 2010 fit SealTV enclosures with no modification required. The package that best suited the space for the Beehive Hotel came in less than a quarter of the price of a new outdoor TV in a similar size to the one they already owned. The Beehive Hotel now have their 60 inch Samsung displaying live sports and other television content in their outdoor beer garden. If you are considering installing an outdoor TV at your venue, get a quote from SealTV for a proven and cost-effective solution.