Check out this awesome 42″ Enclosure installation

Customer installation of a SealTV 42" enclosure on her patio

Customer installation of a SealTV 42″ enclosure on their stunning overwater deck

One of our customers, Christine, sent us in a pic of her recent install, using a 42″ LG TV inside a SealTV Enclosure. Christine also passed us on this great feedback:
“Love, Love, Love the customer service. Thank you for all your work. Top Notch! Will pass on the positive service I received.”

SealTV’s Top 10 Tips for installing a TV outside

how not to install a TV outside

How not to install a TV outside

We often get asked for advice on installations. Questions like:

Where is the best place to install? Should I connect the TV to larger speakers? Should I connect the TV to Foxtel? How? Is there anything I need to be aware of?

We asked around the office and had everyone submit their own Top 10 tips based on their experience,

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Can’t I just buy a fabric cover for my TV?

This is another question we often get.

And the short answer is you can. Just be aware of “greenhousing” your TV. Potentially killing it quicker than having no cover at all.

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How long does a TV last outdoors without protection?

TV outside with no protection

This TV will last until the tide comes in. Yours may last a little longer.

We’ve been asked this question a few times now, mainly from people wanting to know if their now broken TV lasted longer than it should have.

Given that your standard TV is designed and optimised for indoor environments, it’s probably a wonder to some people it lasts at all, but we find that it’s down to a number of factors.

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