Enhanced Sound for Outdoor TV Covers

Outdoor TV and Speakers

With today’s technology, LCD televisions have incredible sound power. When it comes to moving your TV outside using a Seal TV outdoor TV enclosure you might decide for the space you have and the type of environment your outdoor entertainment will create, that the inbuilt sound system is simply not going to be enough to create the effect you want.

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Choosing the Best Outdoor TV Setup

Man watching TV drinking a beer in a beer garden

When the owners of The Beehive Hotel in Hawthorn came to us asking for advice on setting up an outdoor TV in their beer garden, we were happy to take the challenge on board.

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Change Your Life with an Outdoor Television

Outdoor Television on a decking with a spa

When World War II was over black and white television sets became household items. Since then the ability and quality of televisions have reached incredible levels. Camera quality is able to capture pristine images and televisions are able to receive and replay images in true to life form. Now, you can even have an outdoor television if you want.

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Increase Revenue with an Outdoor Television Enclosure

Outdoor Television Enclosure mounted to a wall in a pub

Watching TV outdoors is currently very popular, and bars, pubs and clubs who are noticing this trend are capitalising quickly by adding an outdoor television to their beer garden or eating areas. While your guests may love watching their favourite sports outside, it’s very important to make sure your flat panel TV is properly protected against the elements and accidental damage.

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